I've got the blues, readers, and I've got it bad. This is entirely to blame on my good friend who gave me this watercolor-esque infinity scarf. When laid out it displays various shades of blue and even purple in an ombre fashion. The royal blue cardigan just adds to the obsession. 

This is one of my favorite outfits (or outfit template) for a few reasons, despite the colors. For starters, it's insanely comfortable and perfect for days spent running errands. It's easy to throw together with basics and can be swapped out with simple t-shirts, different sweaters, no belt, or short boots. It's truly universal. Outfits like these give every woman the opportunity to look put together no matter shape, size, or wardrobe.

top: Forever 21 sweater: Forever 21 boots: old belt: H&M
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Wind has officially become a factor in how well my photos turn out, meaning it's officially winter in the desert. Happy Belated Christmas, as well! I went to see Justin Bieber's Believe Christmas morning and had to wear my concert tee to show out. 

My biggest pet peeve about concert tees is when people let it be the outfit. It's the same as any pther shirt and should be just as dressed, which is why I paired it with these high-waisted, speckled trousers. The rest just falls together. 


top: Justin Bieber's Believe Concert Merch pants: H&M shoes: Forever 21 bag: Coach (old) sweater: Forever 21
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Simple outfit for a day on the run! These photos were taken at the beautiful Cal State Uni Northridge. December has begun and obviously so, Southern California has not been hit by winter yet. All dreams of a white Christmas are fleeting.  

Layering is not just for cold weather outfits. I paired a blue plaid button down with a basic black blazer. As mentioned, blazers sophisticate and add structure to any outfit. A plaid shirt by itself would be really casual, but the blazer pulls it together. The white shirt really just adds another level and makes the plaid shirt a little crisper, especially considering everything else is slightly grungy. I love the differences: clean blazer and roughed up everything else. 
blazer: H&M plaid shirt: Hollister Co.  jeans: Forever 21 boots: gifted sunglasses: Justin Bieber Believe Tour
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BEANIES // how to wear this season's trendiest hats


Pink hat / H M gray hat, $40 / Volcom hat / FAUX FUR POMPOM KNIT HAT - BLUE | Express
Beanies are quickly becoming a winter staple. In this day and age, street style trends are circulating faster than ever. Sure, it's just a hat, but accessories take an outfit a long way. These top four beanie styles are not to be missed this winter. 
The Urban Hipster
Everyone recognizes "On Wednesdays we wear pink" as an iconic Mean Girls quote. Quotes and phrases like these basically sass the reader before you even have to say anything. It automatically labels you as cool. And that's a title we'd all like to consider ourselves. 
Sass beanies go perfect with skinny jeans, leggings, and sweatshirts. They're casual and chill so you should not go overboard on jewelry. Think: too-cool-to-care. 
Fair Isle
Below is a updated twist to our seasonal favorite. The Fair Isle print elicits visions of snowfall, ice skates, and woodsy areas (so, Canada). By tradition, a Fair Isle accessory is a necessity. This Volcom hat takes the tradition and revamps it into something new and exciting. The bright colors emphasize the new style and the updated print take the vintage out of it and bring it into the 21st century. As loved as things like the Fair Isle print are, every once in a while it's good to see it introduced to the real world.
This hat and others like would go flawlessly with white and black pieces. It'd look great with all your other casual cold weather items, like puffer vests and (even) Uggs. To add even more street-cool, I'd add finger-less gloves.
Classic Pom Pom
Leave it to Express to sell a perfect winter hat. This beanie has everything: color to connect it to other pieces, a print to make it stand out on its own, and a lovely little fur pom that emphasizes it's cold weather purpose: nothing says winter like fur. The navy and stripes are reminiscent of the east coast: preppy and nautical.
Paired with a black puffer vest and riding boots, you can complete the winter ensemble. Adding a texture, such as lace, can up the sophistication of this casual hat.
This hat, although mentioned last, has the most potential of the four. For starters, gray is an easily paired colored, going well with a darker color scheme and a light one. The jewels up the elegance of this beanie, which seems a little odd. Can a beanie really be elegant?
With a lacy dress, sequin skirt, or anything else in that nature, it's possible. Along with high heeled booties, gold jewelry, and tights (which are becoming more of-the-moment by the second), you have a gorgeous New Year's Eve outfit.
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BLAZIN' // how to wear a blazer casually

Blazers are structured pieces of outerwear magic. This automatically adds form to any outfit. The blazer is not the black, navy, or pinstripe staple for events any longer. It's casual, fun, and a little sophisticated. Wearing a blazer makes any person seem a little more put together, even on the days when you feel the least bit so. 
Let's talk florals. The best thing about this print is that it exudes a certain feel. It is automatically girly and an outfit around a floral basically builds itself. Floral jeans, especially, can easily be used a statement piece. This type of floral gives off a vintage vibe because of the blush pink against the white. The denim and skinny fit update it for the now. This is where one of the many fashion guidlines apply: "If it's tight on top, loose on bottom. Tight on bottom? Loose on top.".  

As mentioned, blazers are so much more now than they used to be. Today, they come in so many different prints, colors, and styles that make it so easy to fall in love. This blush blazer not only agrees with the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 runways, but makes it easy to be up-to-date on fashion. The color can easily be paired with most other colors and looks great with neutral prints. Because the denim print has blush along with green, it doesn't overwhelm the outfit with pink. Staying neutral for a top allows the blush color itself to be the statement, not necessarily the print alone or the blazer alone. 

blazer: Forever 21 top: Old Navy jeans: Forever 21 booties: Ross
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Submitted to IFB for their Blazer of Glory Project


In every outfit, I'd like to think, there is a statement piece. No matter how dull, no matter how last season and no matter how eccentric your outfit may be. And sometimes, there are more than one statement pieces. This all has to do with the different styles. I write a lot about being a girly-girl and the differences between that and the contrary, but, in reality, most of us are a combination. Let's be honest, we don't walk around in ethereal lace and a rosy blush everyday, nor are we perpetually clouded in black and studs. Sure, it's fun to dress that way on occasion, but normally we are both. Pieces like these allow for a variety of outfits, fit for the girl with a variety of styles.

For example, these cool, edgy boots have the same sleekness that a rebel might portray, but in this outfit, they're just chic. Imagine them with more leather and chains. Equally as fitting. 

Lace is a gorgeous texture to add to any outfit. White lace, especially, has a certain feminine quality. However, if there's one thing fashion loves, it's juxtaposition. Loose tops and tight bottoms, for example have become, basically, a law. This is why femme lace and edgy leather is so fantastic together. 

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ode to: Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler is my absolute favorite line, especially this past fall season (Don't even get me started on Spring/Summer 2014). If you aren't familiar with it, let me catch you up:

The Founding:

Proenza Schouler started off as the senior thesis for Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCullough who teamed up their last year of schooling at Parsons School of Design. This thesis was turned into their first collection as Proenza Schouler (names taken from each of their mother's maiden names). The collection was bought in it's entirety by Barney's New York. 


Proenza Schouler has become one of the most reputable American clothing lines. It has one multiple awards including the Vogue Fashion Fund in 2004 and the 2007 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award, winning that same title four years later in 2011. In 2008 they launched their first ever handbag and shoe line.
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f/w 2013
all items can be found at Forever 21

1. I love this pleated romper. I've actually been dying for something long sleeved like this. I think it would look lovely with textured tights and a pea coat. 
2. When I began looking through the accessories, I knew one thing: I didn't want fingerless gloves. So, naturally, that's what I end up with. What really made me fall for these was the quilted leather. I'm some what obsessed with it. Plus, finger-less is a little bad-ass, so forgive me for living vicariously through my clothing. 
3. Plaid has definitely been the hardest fall/winter trend for me to utilize. Perhaps because I have none. I thought I'd start off small with this infinity scarf. With little doses of print, you can sophisticate an outfit without over powering it. This is why accessories like scarves, gloves, and hats are so important.
4. I've been dying for a pair of these shoes since last fall, to no avail. My hopes in putting these on the list was to catch them on sale somewhere, since they aren't the most practical for this season.
5. Teal is such a pretty fall color--one of my favorites. One of the most important parts of a piece is whether or not it's versatile. This shift dress can be worn alone or with layers thrown atop and will still look wonderful.
6. Not pictured, the back of this knit says "ROCK" in the same bold lettering. I think it's perfect for the punk forecast, while allowing for the glamour a girly-girl requires.
7. One word: mod. The hidden wedge in this booties is so clean and classic, making it irresistable. The cut adds a little bit of dimension and edge, again perfect for the punks. Despite this, I think they would look great with dresses and skirts with or without tights. 
8. With this skirt, I plan on channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw (who, I'm telling you, is just dying to come out). It's super femme and a little ethereal. Although it'd work better Spring/Summer 2014, I cannot wait!
9. For some odd reason I find this style of shoe to be the flat equivalent of those in number 4. Which is why I have to have them. Until it becomes acceptable to wear heels to school I will purchase all of these flats, if necessary. These particular ones come with my favorite type of accents (the gold kind) and a pointed toe, which I feel class up any look. 
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 I'm not sure if it's obvious or not, but I'm a definite girly-girl. I prefer lace and heels to combat boots and military jackets. However, my preferred clothing choices are not always ideal in the winter. It's almost refreshing to back away from the fluff and into the dark side (boots are a thousand times more comfortable than pumps). So, when I found my favorite spring/summer color in my favorite fall/winter trend, I leaped.

Mint leather. The very thought seems cooling. The skirt comes with a silver zipper down the front, which I feel edges it up that much more. The mint's softness is greatly contrasted with the harsh black and white print, then kind of enveloped by the other black items. This way, the mint stands out a bit more. Colored leather is such a great way to bring the classic to a new dimension. Leather is no longer for the angsty rocker or the Greaser: it's for the masses. 

sweater: Forever 21 skirt: Forever 21 boots: unknown necklace: Charlotte Russe coat: unknown
Submitted to IFB's  Project Pastel Harvest

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In my Southern California city, fall is less of a transition stage and more of the season that drives everyone insane. The mornings are near-freezing, yet the afternoons are similar to a summer's day. It's probably one of the most challenging seasons to style. It is, however, a great time to transition spring/summer trends for the fall. 
I love the preppy New Englander aspect of this outfit. It's so classy and girly. I love bright colors during the fall because it's such a contrast to the gloomy, neutral, environment.. Bright florals play it up      
                   sweater: Hollister Co. shirt: Forever 21 shorts: Macy's boots: unknown                          
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Fall/Winter has officially become a most favorable season. The tomboys get their oversized coats, plaid, and suits while the girly-girls get pink. I think it's obvious who won here. 
Pink is an amazing color. It comes in so many shades that it can look nice with any color (within reason). Blush, for example, goes great with bright whites, pastels, and deep fall colors, like purple, burgendy, and navy blue. Pink is also great because it can play off of other pinks. 
This outfit epitomizes the usefulness of a loose knit sweater. Whatever you wear underneath can be seen. It makes it perfect for accent colors. I wore a hot pink tank top under the sweater to add a little bit of color to the top half of this outfit. All white is chic, but white offers a clean canvas to paint on. 
The soft colors are matched with gold accents. The gold on the shoes and on the brooch-like earrings give a little glam, head to toe. The light brown boots were chosen over black or white shoes because, again, too much black or white comes off a little too harsh for the light pink. When dealing with pastels like this, I find it best to stray away from colors like tomato red, black, turquoise, and bright yellow. Instead, opt for mint, deep purple, cream, pastel green, and gray. 
top: Forever 21 pants: Tilly's shoes: Charlotte Russe earrings: Forever 21

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A lot of the time, men aren't very showcased in the world of style blogs, a fact I find a little depressing. Sure, in women's clothing there is more room for trends. We have skirts, dresses, pants, heels & a whole other repetoire of clothing and accessories that men hardly ever touch. Men's fashion is a challenge. So being a fashionable man in this day and age is so much more worthy of repute. I find myself lucky to have friends who put effort into their clothing because it challenges me to translate what they do, into what's happening on the runway.

For example, mixed prints. Although barely seen in the photo the gray collared top has a small paisley print in a darker gray. It's size and being that it's in the same color family fits it so well with the argyle sweater. 
Using color was a concept that I, for so long, thought was lost on men. Although used basically, these two used color better than most women. Darker colors are perfect for fall, especially the burgundy. This season, however, it's been fitting to use black and white solely, letting them accent each other, as shown in the leftmost outfit. The slight red in the sunglasses offers personality and a little touch of chic. 
photos taken outside of aNoiseWithin in Pasadena, California 

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