obsessed with: Michael Kors Bracelet Watch

I'm very in love with these gold Michael Kors bracelet watches. The faces are so clean and chic, while the cuffs allow the watch to be playful. The deep golds and bronze are great for fall when our looks become a little bit warmer. I, for, one cannot wait to get my hands on one. 

Will and Kate and the Royal Baby Madness

It's easy to become annoyed at all the attention the almost-newborn is getting. It's just a baby. Why is more important that any other child? Well, I'll stop you right there. No other child is third is line for the British throne, which is the most influential monarchy in the world. Not only will that child rule England, it will rule many Commonwealth countries like Canada, Belize, and Jamaica. So, it's not only British people who've turned their attention, it's also many westerners. Just like Kate, this baby will soon become an icon for style and the talk of every tabloid. Many parents are delaying naming their own children so they either give or do not give their baby the same name as Will and Kate's. There has been much speculation as to what the baby's name may be. The couple has declined to know the child's gender, making this an even bigger mystery to us outsiders. I, for one, hope the new heir is a girl. After Charles and William rule, the world just may need a female iron fist. It has been suggested that the baby's name (or middle name) could be Diana, a silent nod to William's late mother, Princess of Wales. I am all in favor for this. Both of my parents were born in Belize, an aforementioned commonwealth of Britain. While my dad came to the US when he was a kid, my mother lived there her entire teenage life and actually met Princess Diana. She holds a place in my mom's heart, as she does in many other people's. I'm sure it would be entirely touching if they were to name their daughter after her. But what if the royal baby is boy? It is a lot easier to pick a royal name for a boy because there are few to choose from. George, Phillip, Edward, or even Henry (despite the fact that this is Harry's name). A name is normally not a big deal, but being that this child is third in line for the throne, it makes all the difference. There are so many responsibilties this child will have to attend to. Along with that, the child will have to deal with constantly being in the spotlight. Hopefully, he or she gets their mother's good publicity. She is always caught looking wonderfully and is hopelessly charitable. The Duchess of Cambridge has quickly become one of fashion's favorite people to watch. She has a classic, modest style that has not gone away since the arrival of her baby bump, which I'm sure every mother is jealous of. Kate's ability to maintain her personal style, but also look classy is very refreshing.  A royal child does not happen everyday, so I suggest soaking up the celebration as much as you can. I know that I will.
It has just been confirmed that Kate gave birth to a beautiful 8 pound baby boy! Congratulations! The name has yet to be announced. 

style guide: Pequeño Vestido Negro


Spanish for "little black dress".

Here we have three classic looks on a classic, itself. The Little Black Dress. History time. The LBD is most notably used on girls' night out, dates, or really anytime you want to look sexy in public. Black slims your waist and a bodycon dress like this one gives you instant curves. But black can be boring. If you're like me, you want every outfit to have a personality of it's own. Each of these looks define themselves: bold, sexy, and edgy.

  1. This is very much the outfit I'd find myself wearing. I love the contrast between the bright jacket and the dark dress. The yellow is playful and inviting. I think it'd be very easy to be yourself in this look as opposed to trying to maintain a character in the others. 
  2. Red is the notable color of attraction. There are too many studies relating the color to a person's desire. So, if you're wearing these sky-high red stilettos, red lipstick, and red nails you are probably the sexiest person in the room. And rightfully so! 
  3. I picture this look on a girl who's out looking for fun. A sorority girl, maybe. Whoever you are, you'll drop jaws in this ensemble. Sparkly silver heels are exciting, but the smokey eye and stacked bracelets are alluring. Perfect for the girl who wants attention, but none of the cons of being too sexy (if there's such a thing).
Sorry, this one is a bit short. I should be leaving camp today! Stay tight until a regular post & have a lovely day!


look: Almost Autumn

Almost Autumn

Organic by John Patrick rouched dress / Juicy Couture handbag / Crystal earrings / Pringle of Scotland oblong scarve / Ray-Ban ray ban glasses

I love this dainty look for August or late July, when it's still warm out, but not necessarily sunny. It's basic and easy to duplicate, but still contains it's class. I really adore those gold aviators and will most likely be making it a mission of mine to find a pair just like them. Burgundy is a timeless fall color; it's warm and sparks ideas of Christmastime. My favorite part about this outfit is the accent of gold (bet you thought I was going to say white). I can just picture tiny gold knuckle rings to complete it.

Hope you enjoyed this serene transitioning-from-summer-to-fall-look. If not, be sure to check out other looks and style guides that I've posted. Have a lovely day!


My Sunglasses Collection...

,...and I use the word "collection" liberally, as there are only 10 depicted. If anything, this should be titled "My Top 10 Favorite Pairs of Sunglasses", but even that would be a lie because this is really a post about the ten pairs of sunglasses I found first. In fact, one of them isn't even mine, but we'll get to that later.

As clothes maketh the girl, sunglasses maketh the outfit. To me, at least. Sunglasses mean sun, sun means summer, and summer means a happy blogger.You will not catch me in the daylight with out a pair on. In fact, when I do take them off while I'm out, I instantly feel like the light is burning my corneas and have to put them back on. Did I mention I was a drama queen? Anyway, a summer outfit is not complete without sunnies, so without further ado, my collection.

  1.  My latest love. Silver aviators with blue tint. Sigh. I could stare at them forever. (Rue 21)
  2. Your everyday silver aviators. They're perfect for nearly every outfit and are my go-to pair. (WetSeal)
  3. Pink clubmasters that I bought as a gift for my best friend (whose blog you absolutely need to go read) (Aeropostale)
  4. White clubmasters that I bought for myself. I'm sure I've mentioned my love for white somewhere...(Aeropostale)
  5. Orange & multicolored wayfarers. Perfect for colorful summer days. (Forever 21)
  6. Strictly black wayfarers. I bought these at a Justin Bieber concert and they're basically my most prized possession. (Justin Bieber Merch)
  7. Black and floral wayfarers. Aside from being playfully chic, these glasses are also insanely cool. They fold in half to become pocket-sized.I actually had a pair of black and cheetah print ones, but they broke at Disneyland. :( (Charlotte Russe)
  8. Pink floral wayfarers. Fun & cute.What more could you ask for? (not quite sure, but most probably Forever 21)
  9. Round, cheetah print & purple glasses. Recently received these as a gift from a friend of my mom's. That being said, I have no idea where they're from.
  10. Round, pink & floral sunglasses. (most probably from Forever 21)
And there you have it. Random pairs of sunglasses from my collection. As always, have a lovely day!


look: Basically Wild

Summer is the perfect time to get crazy. Or if you're not into that, express it through your clothes. Fashion makes it so easy to be eccentric and eclectic. This look is for those who want to think outside of the box, but still look put together. We'll start with this chevron bikini. It's a pretty print for a bright basic. The bikini itself is a statement. To stand out even more, the pink floral print hat adds a funky vibe to the look. It's perfect for girls with a "sporty" look. These round shades help you look more aloof and confident. That's why I love sunglasses; they're an instant confidence boost. My favorite part of this look are the sandals. They're vintage-looking and that makes them perfect for an eclectic outfit. Top the outfit off with many, many, many strings of beads and you have a great, wild, fun look.

Have a lovely day, babes!

Charlie by Matthew Zink halter bikini top / Flat sandals / Freshwater pearl necklace / Neff black snap back hat / Retro round glasses / Victoria's Secret Beach Towel

Different Sides

Different Sides
I'm sorry, was this post not expected? 

Little black cocktail dress, $150 / La Petite S***** braided dress / Yves Saint Laurent black wedge sandals / Mango leather pumps / Lanvin bracelet / Ann Taylor pearl jewellery

Beach Retreat(s)

Thought I'd share a few photos from my recent trips to Redondo and Santa Monica Beach.

I'm nothing if not ridiculous

The marvelous sand castle that my brother and I made. Talk about stunning.

Apres-ocean. A ridiculous hot mess. This is the outfit from this post. 

                           Accessories that I wore to Santa Monica. I'm currently obsessed with these sunnies. 
The pretty clouds over looking Santa Monica beach. 
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ootd: Matching/Not Matching

Hey there! Today I'm wearing a dark gray tee (Forever 21) with a really dream-like graphic. I paired it with mint shorts (Kohl's) and a teal bag (gifted). I like to think that the two colors are siblings and wear them together quite often. My shoes (not depicted) are black sandals covered in different color stones (gifted). This outfit doesn't really "match", but it doesn't not match. For accessories, I sported white Clubmasters (Aeropostale) and my rose gold Betsey Johnson watch. 

Have a lovely day! 
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look: Mixing Metals

Mixing Metals
One day, I'll post a look where there isn't any black or white. Today is not that day. For a long time, mixing silver and gold were a huge fashion no-no. But so was denim on denim and look how that's flourished. Like all trends, mixing metals needs to be done sparingly and cannot be too over the top. This classic dress provides a nice canvas for the accessories. Mixed metal earrings, different plated rings, and gold pumps are the paint. This look is perfect for a semi-formal event, as the dress is very classy and the heels add an extra level of sophistication. Throw on a black leather jacket and you can even wear this for a night on the town.

Have a lovely day!

Forever New zip dress, $83 / Boutique 9 leather shoes / ALDO / Rebecca Minkoff / Diamond engagement ring / Henri Bendel

Demi Lovato on the cover of August's Cosmo

Demi Lovato looks amazing here! She isn't stick thin, but looks healthy and sexy! This just goes to show you that: you CAN recover and you DON'T need to be as thin as possible to look great. So much love for Demi. 
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ootd: The New White...

 A casual look for this high-profile trend, I used my favorite white jeans (Blue Asphalt @ WetSeal), favorite graphic tank (Forever 21), and classic white sandals.The dark tint silver aviators contrast, but also tie into the tank's design. Since, it was a warm day, I rolled up the ankles of my jeans and used them as capris. I love the look of this outfit. White makes everything seem crisp and clean, even if it's as casual an outfit as this.

It's obvious why I love this tank. It depicts the New York City skyline, but has an eerie, sci-fi twist. Maybe NYC's progressive ways are alien, almost out of this world. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Sunglasses: WetSeal
Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: WetSeal
Sandals: Guess

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style guide: Floral Bikini

floral bikini guide

Wildfox Couture t shirt, $91 / Zara top / H&M racer back tank, $19 / Jolt cut off shorts / Monsoon bikini top / Monsoon floral swimwear / Charlie by Matthew Zink bathing suit cover up / O'Neill beach bag tote / Heidi Klein embroidered bag / Lori's Shoes loris shoes / Paper hat / Vince Camuto graphic hat / Linda Farrow Luxe

A bikini this printed can be hard to style and accessorize without completely covering yourself in neutrals. But it also allows you to get graphic! Fun tanks and shirts with graphic logos (1&10) maintain neutrality with added personality. For a day on the beach, a hat is a must. Both of these are clean enough to go with the bathing suit, but they each have a style all their own (4&8). The latter could easily be paired with this Heidi Klein embroidered bag (3). An easy staple is the Matthew Zink white cover up (2) and if you add my favorite type of accessory (7) and a nautical beach tote (5), it dresses up  an otherwise casual look. If I hadn't just bought new sunglasses, I'd be all over these (12), which would look amazing with both pairs of shorts (6&11). This white maxi dress (9) is basic, yes, but with any or every accessory pictured, you'd have a dynamic beach outfit, whether you're on Mykonos or just in Santa Monica. 

I'm currently in hot-as-ever Las Vegas with my family. The only times I plan to leave my hotel room are shopping and eating, which means I'll have a nice little haul soon. Until then!

WetSeal Haul

I normally have a hard time finding really cute clothes that are worth the price at WetSeal, but the fates were obviously in my favor today. I went home with five cute pieces for around 50 dollars! Thank the heavens for 50% off sales. Here's what I bought & why:

 1. Black and White Tribal Tank Top-- $16.90 marked down to $8.45
It's no secret how much I love black and white.The two colors make every outfit sleek and clean looking. Plus, recent runways have showed us that black and white is back in action. I got this tank in an extra small because it would have been too long otherwise. I wish I could have photographed (well) the back of this shirt. It has a large keyhole, which is a trend I've been eating up (you'll see). I'm so excited to pair this with colors or more black and red lips. I think the laid back cut  is perfect for summer, but is versatile enough to layer with during the fall. Expect to see it in an outfit of the day!

2. Leopard Woven Back Inset Tank--$16.90 marked down to $8.45
 Leopard anything makes it really easy to feel insanely fierce. Whether you're going to club or just to school, it can make you feel powerful and beautiful.So many leopard print pieces are made solely for the purpose of looking sophisticated, which is why I love this tank top.You can wear it with leggings, boots, and a jacket in the fall or with leather pants, black booties, and smokey eyes. The leopard inset is cinched, but the front fits like a regular flowy tank top. To solve this, I put a belt at my waist. It gave the front of the tank top life. This shirt I got in a small because of the length and the cut. I'm sure I'll be using this top on several occasions.

3. Dot Chiffon Button Down--$24.50 marked down to $12.25
You'll soon figure out my love for button downs, especially sheer ones. They're so versatile, making them perfect for any occasion. Mint is one of my favorite colors this season and the dot print is so cute I couldn't pass it up. I only wish I had a white a-line skirt and mint pumps to wear with this. For now, I plan to wear it with white jeans (my go-to, this summer) and a silver statement necklace.In the fall I'll wear it with a white coat or the white leather jacket I've been dying for.

4.Woven Back Striped Tank--$16.90 marked down to $8.45
 My mint obsession is getting slightly out of hand, but I refuse to stop buying this color. This particular shirt also fuels my gray obsession, my stripe obsession, and my key hole back obsession. I have a lot of obsessions. I really like the sleeves (or lack thereof) on this tank. I don't really like my shoulders so I try to avoid thin strapped tank tops.The straps on this top are pretty thick. Hopefully I get enough wears out of this before I get over my obsessions.

5. Crocheted Lace Bodycon Skirt--$22.50 marked down to $9.00
This is my absolute favorite piece from this haul. The entire skirt is covered in beautiful lace. It fits tight, like a pencil skirt, but is stretchy enough that I'm not worried about ripping the lace. Can we talk about that price? $9.00 is a steal for this skirt. I plan on wearing this summer, in the fall, and even next summer. Lace is timeless, to me. It's actually longer than it looks in the photo.I could bring it up to above my belly button without scandalously exposing myself. I've actually been looking for lace bottoms for a while, but I always thought I'd end up with shorts. I'm so glad I found this because I've got too many pairs of shorts anyway. I cannot wait to wear this out & there will absolutely be a post about it.

Thank you for checking out my blog! Leave comments, pass my link around, and don't forget to come back for more. Have a lovely day, readers, and I'll see you on 5th Avenue!


Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 2013

photo by Giovanni Giannoni
I would so get married in this. 
That is all.

3 Apps That Make Being a Fashionista *That* Much Easier

A large portion of our daily lives (well, at least mine) is spent on our phones! Whether it's calling, texting, or checking your Instagram feed, you're on your smartphone. Being your resident fashionista, I'm here to help you take the experience to the next level. These apps are full of shopping, beauty, and clothes. What more could you need?

Before I start this post, I want to make clear that I am not affiliated with any of the apps I'm about to mention. I'm simply a fan and I'd like to share their glory with you all. 

#3-- Poshmark
Every shopaholic has thought of doing the unthinkable once or twice. The unthinkable being selling your clothes. It's easy for us to get attached to clothing and the memories we've made in them. The bright side is: more money for more clothes! Which can be loosely translated to: more money for more memories! Poshmark has made it so easy to sell clothes and accessories. And it's fun! Users host selling parties and post items pertaining to the party's theme. Want a summertime dress? Check out a summer vacation style party. Looking for a Michael Kors handbag? You'll find it in a brand party. Brand parties only allow certain designers' items to be listed there. Don't worry, almost every brand on the app can be found in a party. Because the items are being resold, the markdowns are amazing! High-end products are being sold for half the price and you don't need to worry about it being a knock off. Okay, readers, now is when you clean out the closet and get selling! Soon enough, you'll be rocking this seasons' latest. 

#2-- Pose
Pose is a great place for fashion inspiration. People from everywhere post photos of what they're currently buying, wearing, or obsessed with. Even celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Coco Rocha have joined in! I particularly love how easy it is to save poses. Just drag the picture to the side and drop it into one of your sets. As an added bonus, some poses have links to where you can buy the clothes. This is so much better than spamming a blogger, asking where she got that skirt from her last ootd (admit it, you've done this). If you like seeing outfit of the days, this is the app for you. You can follow people with the same style as you and get so much inspiration. The most popular poses are  displayed on the popular page, while the most popular posers can be found on "featured". You're newest outfit muse is on Pose. What could you possibly be waiting for?

follow me on pose! zoeokay

#1-- Fab
This is my current favorite shopping app. If you like Wanelo, you'll love Fab! You can use the amazingly detailed categories to find exactly what you're looking for or check out the New Arrivals and What's Trending. All the products can be found under brand names, so if you want a Cuisinart pot, but only see skillets, just click on the brand and you'll be taken to a list of everything they have on Fab. One of the best features is that the app isn't limited to fashion. You can find everything here! From home decor to your favorite wine. It also has a great selection of vintage items. For those who like to stick to the basics, your favorite brands are here, too, but I guarantee you'll fall in love with a new designer.
I almost forgot the best part-- nearly every item is on sale. Yes, you read it right. Sale. The markdowns on this app are AMAZING. You can buy a $425 dollar dress for only $195. Sales, fashion, and everything you need to sustain life in one app? That's pretty fab, if you ask me. 

I'm thinking Forth of July OOTD tommorow! Until then, have a lovely day, readers, and I'll see you on 5th Avenue. 


style guide: Independence Day

Happy Forth of July!
For most of us Americans, Independence Day is a perfect time to have amazing summer fun and patriotism. I know so many people who go insane with their pride, but this style guide is for those who like to have subtle patriotic outfits. Each of these outfits were made to go with the same light wash denim motocross jacket. It proves how versatile certain statement pieces can be. As a gift, it would be perfect for a girl who constantly changes her style.
forth of julyy
Mandi red prom dress, $40 / Star wars t shirt / American tank top / Monki motorcycle jacket, $72 / Lipsy long skirt, $38 / H&M hot pants, $30 / Pink & Pepper military boots / Zara shoes / Givenchy black sandals / Necklace, $40 / Jessica Simpson bangle bracelet / Beaded jewelry / Pieces jewelry, $22 / Fornash elephant jewelry

  1. The first outfit is definitely Vintage Edgy. This is perfect for the girl who wants to dress up, but not be over the top. The polka dot dress is sweet and flirty, while the denim motocross jacket ties the entire piece together. I love the shoes in this outfit. I'm obsessed with this style of heel and you'll probably see a post completely dedicated to it soon. With the jacket sleeves pushed up and the bangles stacked on top of both wrists, this outfit pulls together two styles to complete a perfect look
  2. This outfit is my particular favorite. I'd describe it as Boho Glam with an emphasis on the glam. The crop top and maxi skirt alone are casual and fun, but when you add the accessories, it turns it into a chic masterpiece. This outfit is perfect for the girl who likes to make every event the event (like me!). Being over dressed is a thousand times better than being under dressed. Luckily, this outfit gives you the casual vibe of a laid back summer night, but also the fabulousity of a night out. Don't get me started on these heels. I'm in love with the vintage feel and the structure. The ankle strap and the color blocked stiletto-like heel bring an extra dose of glamour. Leave it to Givenchy to design such a perfect heel *sigh*. You'll soon find out that my favorite accessory is the statement necklace. Big, chunky, short neck pieces with pretty designs like flowers or tribal are my weakness. 
  3. The last of the outfits is Grungy. I love styling grungy outfits because it's something that would be hard for a girly-girl like myself to pull off. However there are so many fashionistas out there that can. This is for you! Instead of making black a huge part of the outfit, like i did with the other two, I used a deep gray. I like the look of a faded gray against the light wash of the jacket. The graphic on the tank top promotes both patriotism and the wearer's personal style. The tank should be tucked into the cut off, high waist white shorts. White is an amazing color! It brings out tans and makes every outfit look a little bit sharper. Lastly, the piece that perfects every grunge outfit, combat boots. I love the studs on the flaps of these boots; they're like an extra accessory. Plus, the folds add an extra laid-back feeling. Top it off with spike earrings and this outfit is complete! 

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this style guide! I'm hoping to put one out every week, each in this same style, with different themes. Along with style guides, this blog will have Outfit of the Days, what pieces/trends I'm currently obsessed with, hauls, and occasional posts about non-fashion things that I'd like to share with y'all!

Have a lovely day, readers!