3 Apps That Make Being a Fashionista *That* Much Easier

A large portion of our daily lives (well, at least mine) is spent on our phones! Whether it's calling, texting, or checking your Instagram feed, you're on your smartphone. Being your resident fashionista, I'm here to help you take the experience to the next level. These apps are full of shopping, beauty, and clothes. What more could you need?

Before I start this post, I want to make clear that I am not affiliated with any of the apps I'm about to mention. I'm simply a fan and I'd like to share their glory with you all. 

#3-- Poshmark
Every shopaholic has thought of doing the unthinkable once or twice. The unthinkable being selling your clothes. It's easy for us to get attached to clothing and the memories we've made in them. The bright side is: more money for more clothes! Which can be loosely translated to: more money for more memories! Poshmark has made it so easy to sell clothes and accessories. And it's fun! Users host selling parties and post items pertaining to the party's theme. Want a summertime dress? Check out a summer vacation style party. Looking for a Michael Kors handbag? You'll find it in a brand party. Brand parties only allow certain designers' items to be listed there. Don't worry, almost every brand on the app can be found in a party. Because the items are being resold, the markdowns are amazing! High-end products are being sold for half the price and you don't need to worry about it being a knock off. Okay, readers, now is when you clean out the closet and get selling! Soon enough, you'll be rocking this seasons' latest. 

#2-- Pose
Pose is a great place for fashion inspiration. People from everywhere post photos of what they're currently buying, wearing, or obsessed with. Even celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Coco Rocha have joined in! I particularly love how easy it is to save poses. Just drag the picture to the side and drop it into one of your sets. As an added bonus, some poses have links to where you can buy the clothes. This is so much better than spamming a blogger, asking where she got that skirt from her last ootd (admit it, you've done this). If you like seeing outfit of the days, this is the app for you. You can follow people with the same style as you and get so much inspiration. The most popular poses are  displayed on the popular page, while the most popular posers can be found on "featured". You're newest outfit muse is on Pose. What could you possibly be waiting for?

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#1-- Fab
This is my current favorite shopping app. If you like Wanelo, you'll love Fab! You can use the amazingly detailed categories to find exactly what you're looking for or check out the New Arrivals and What's Trending. All the products can be found under brand names, so if you want a Cuisinart pot, but only see skillets, just click on the brand and you'll be taken to a list of everything they have on Fab. One of the best features is that the app isn't limited to fashion. You can find everything here! From home decor to your favorite wine. It also has a great selection of vintage items. For those who like to stick to the basics, your favorite brands are here, too, but I guarantee you'll fall in love with a new designer.
I almost forgot the best part-- nearly every item is on sale. Yes, you read it right. Sale. The markdowns on this app are AMAZING. You can buy a $425 dollar dress for only $195. Sales, fashion, and everything you need to sustain life in one app? That's pretty fab, if you ask me. 

I'm thinking Forth of July OOTD tommorow! Until then, have a lovely day, readers, and I'll see you on 5th Avenue. 


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