look: Basically Wild

Summer is the perfect time to get crazy. Or if you're not into that, express it through your clothes. Fashion makes it so easy to be eccentric and eclectic. This look is for those who want to think outside of the box, but still look put together. We'll start with this chevron bikini. It's a pretty print for a bright basic. The bikini itself is a statement. To stand out even more, the pink floral print hat adds a funky vibe to the look. It's perfect for girls with a "sporty" look. These round shades help you look more aloof and confident. That's why I love sunglasses; they're an instant confidence boost. My favorite part of this look are the sandals. They're vintage-looking and that makes them perfect for an eclectic outfit. Top the outfit off with many, many, many strings of beads and you have a great, wild, fun look.

Have a lovely day, babes!

Charlie by Matthew Zink halter bikini top / Flat sandals / Freshwater pearl necklace / Neff black snap back hat / Retro round glasses / Victoria's Secret Beach Towel

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