My Sunglasses Collection...

,...and I use the word "collection" liberally, as there are only 10 depicted. If anything, this should be titled "My Top 10 Favorite Pairs of Sunglasses", but even that would be a lie because this is really a post about the ten pairs of sunglasses I found first. In fact, one of them isn't even mine, but we'll get to that later.

As clothes maketh the girl, sunglasses maketh the outfit. To me, at least. Sunglasses mean sun, sun means summer, and summer means a happy blogger.You will not catch me in the daylight with out a pair on. In fact, when I do take them off while I'm out, I instantly feel like the light is burning my corneas and have to put them back on. Did I mention I was a drama queen? Anyway, a summer outfit is not complete without sunnies, so without further ado, my collection.

  1.  My latest love. Silver aviators with blue tint. Sigh. I could stare at them forever. (Rue 21)
  2. Your everyday silver aviators. They're perfect for nearly every outfit and are my go-to pair. (WetSeal)
  3. Pink clubmasters that I bought as a gift for my best friend (whose blog you absolutely need to go read) (Aeropostale)
  4. White clubmasters that I bought for myself. I'm sure I've mentioned my love for white somewhere...(Aeropostale)
  5. Orange & multicolored wayfarers. Perfect for colorful summer days. (Forever 21)
  6. Strictly black wayfarers. I bought these at a Justin Bieber concert and they're basically my most prized possession. (Justin Bieber Merch)
  7. Black and floral wayfarers. Aside from being playfully chic, these glasses are also insanely cool. They fold in half to become pocket-sized.I actually had a pair of black and cheetah print ones, but they broke at Disneyland. :( (Charlotte Russe)
  8. Pink floral wayfarers. Fun & cute.What more could you ask for? (not quite sure, but most probably Forever 21)
  9. Round, cheetah print & purple glasses. Recently received these as a gift from a friend of my mom's. That being said, I have no idea where they're from.
  10. Round, pink & floral sunglasses. (most probably from Forever 21)
And there you have it. Random pairs of sunglasses from my collection. As always, have a lovely day!


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