style guide: Independence Day

Happy Forth of July!
For most of us Americans, Independence Day is a perfect time to have amazing summer fun and patriotism. I know so many people who go insane with their pride, but this style guide is for those who like to have subtle patriotic outfits. Each of these outfits were made to go with the same light wash denim motocross jacket. It proves how versatile certain statement pieces can be. As a gift, it would be perfect for a girl who constantly changes her style.
forth of julyy
Mandi red prom dress, $40 / Star wars t shirt / American tank top / Monki motorcycle jacket, $72 / Lipsy long skirt, $38 / H&M hot pants, $30 / Pink & Pepper military boots / Zara shoes / Givenchy black sandals / Necklace, $40 / Jessica Simpson bangle bracelet / Beaded jewelry / Pieces jewelry, $22 / Fornash elephant jewelry

  1. The first outfit is definitely Vintage Edgy. This is perfect for the girl who wants to dress up, but not be over the top. The polka dot dress is sweet and flirty, while the denim motocross jacket ties the entire piece together. I love the shoes in this outfit. I'm obsessed with this style of heel and you'll probably see a post completely dedicated to it soon. With the jacket sleeves pushed up and the bangles stacked on top of both wrists, this outfit pulls together two styles to complete a perfect look
  2. This outfit is my particular favorite. I'd describe it as Boho Glam with an emphasis on the glam. The crop top and maxi skirt alone are casual and fun, but when you add the accessories, it turns it into a chic masterpiece. This outfit is perfect for the girl who likes to make every event the event (like me!). Being over dressed is a thousand times better than being under dressed. Luckily, this outfit gives you the casual vibe of a laid back summer night, but also the fabulousity of a night out. Don't get me started on these heels. I'm in love with the vintage feel and the structure. The ankle strap and the color blocked stiletto-like heel bring an extra dose of glamour. Leave it to Givenchy to design such a perfect heel *sigh*. You'll soon find out that my favorite accessory is the statement necklace. Big, chunky, short neck pieces with pretty designs like flowers or tribal are my weakness. 
  3. The last of the outfits is Grungy. I love styling grungy outfits because it's something that would be hard for a girly-girl like myself to pull off. However there are so many fashionistas out there that can. This is for you! Instead of making black a huge part of the outfit, like i did with the other two, I used a deep gray. I like the look of a faded gray against the light wash of the jacket. The graphic on the tank top promotes both patriotism and the wearer's personal style. The tank should be tucked into the cut off, high waist white shorts. White is an amazing color! It brings out tans and makes every outfit look a little bit sharper. Lastly, the piece that perfects every grunge outfit, combat boots. I love the studs on the flaps of these boots; they're like an extra accessory. Plus, the folds add an extra laid-back feeling. Top it off with spike earrings and this outfit is complete! 

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this style guide! I'm hoping to put one out every week, each in this same style, with different themes. Along with style guides, this blog will have Outfit of the Days, what pieces/trends I'm currently obsessed with, hauls, and occasional posts about non-fashion things that I'd like to share with y'all!

Have a lovely day, readers!

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