style guide: Pequeño Vestido Negro


Spanish for "little black dress".

Here we have three classic looks on a classic, itself. The Little Black Dress. History time. The LBD is most notably used on girls' night out, dates, or really anytime you want to look sexy in public. Black slims your waist and a bodycon dress like this one gives you instant curves. But black can be boring. If you're like me, you want every outfit to have a personality of it's own. Each of these looks define themselves: bold, sexy, and edgy.

  1. This is very much the outfit I'd find myself wearing. I love the contrast between the bright jacket and the dark dress. The yellow is playful and inviting. I think it'd be very easy to be yourself in this look as opposed to trying to maintain a character in the others. 
  2. Red is the notable color of attraction. There are too many studies relating the color to a person's desire. So, if you're wearing these sky-high red stilettos, red lipstick, and red nails you are probably the sexiest person in the room. And rightfully so! 
  3. I picture this look on a girl who's out looking for fun. A sorority girl, maybe. Whoever you are, you'll drop jaws in this ensemble. Sparkly silver heels are exciting, but the smokey eye and stacked bracelets are alluring. Perfect for the girl who wants attention, but none of the cons of being too sexy (if there's such a thing).
Sorry, this one is a bit short. I should be leaving camp today! Stay tight until a regular post & have a lovely day!


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