Summer Faves

summer faves

Forever 21 / H&M cotton shorts, $31 / Damsel in a Dress bikini swimsuit / Zara stiletto heels / Coast envelope clutch, $61 / Thin mid knuckle ring / Madewell / Shimmer eye makeup / Marc Jacobs daisy perfume / Sun care

Officially, Summer ends when August does, but for many of us still in school it ends after July. This was easily one of the best summers ever. The weather was fantastic and it was well spent; with good friends and family. To bid homage to the summer before the blog is filled with coats and boots, here are some of my summer favorites.

1. Fringe Bikini
This bikini (and others like it) epitomizes what summer is about: fun. The fringe is insanely playful. I own a neon coral bathing suit top like this one and I have to say, it's an attention grabber. Plus, the bright color on this one makes skin look tan. Save yourself some UV ray harm and get a neon bikini!

2. White Shorts
White, as you may know, is my favorite color this summer. It's clean and looks amazing with everything.

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock
I have nothing but good words for this sunblock. It sprays on so nicely and doesn't feel thick and gross. Also, it comes in a range of SPFs.

4. Red Lips
Simply because they're red lips. A classic with no intentions of fading away.

5. Colorful or Funky-shaped Sunnies
These glasses are perfect for summer. They're exciting, youthful, and dramatic. I can definitely see the style carrying over to next summer.

6. Single Sole Shoes
Hands down, this is my favorite trend. It brought the classy back to casual. With them, you can pair everyday outfits with gorgeous heels.

7. Colorful Eyeliner
Or colorful eye makeup in general. Especially in this pretty turquoise color.

8. Thin Knuckle Rings
This trend will definitely follow us into fall. I'm sure anyone who wears them will agree that they make an outfit look really pretty.

9. Cut Out Dresses
Cut outs, themselves, were a huge trend during the warmer months, but I especially like cut out dresses. They look feminine and pretty, while also trendy and a little casual.

10. Clutches
During the summer our purse load tends to go down. Being so busy, who would want to carry all that stuff around  inside a bulky bag. Clutches do the trick. They're lightweight, really cute, and only take necessities.

11. Daisy by Marc Jacobs
This has been my favorite spring/summer perfume for a while now. The scent is light and fresh, like a daisy (OHH, so that's why...).

There you have it! My summer favorites. It's not too late to jump on the bandwagon and get any of these. There's still a month of actual summer!


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