WetSeal Haul

I normally have a hard time finding really cute clothes that are worth the price at WetSeal, but the fates were obviously in my favor today. I went home with five cute pieces for around 50 dollars! Thank the heavens for 50% off sales. Here's what I bought & why:

 1. Black and White Tribal Tank Top-- $16.90 marked down to $8.45
It's no secret how much I love black and white.The two colors make every outfit sleek and clean looking. Plus, recent runways have showed us that black and white is back in action. I got this tank in an extra small because it would have been too long otherwise. I wish I could have photographed (well) the back of this shirt. It has a large keyhole, which is a trend I've been eating up (you'll see). I'm so excited to pair this with colors or more black and red lips. I think the laid back cut  is perfect for summer, but is versatile enough to layer with during the fall. Expect to see it in an outfit of the day!

2. Leopard Woven Back Inset Tank--$16.90 marked down to $8.45
 Leopard anything makes it really easy to feel insanely fierce. Whether you're going to club or just to school, it can make you feel powerful and beautiful.So many leopard print pieces are made solely for the purpose of looking sophisticated, which is why I love this tank top.You can wear it with leggings, boots, and a jacket in the fall or with leather pants, black booties, and smokey eyes. The leopard inset is cinched, but the front fits like a regular flowy tank top. To solve this, I put a belt at my waist. It gave the front of the tank top life. This shirt I got in a small because of the length and the cut. I'm sure I'll be using this top on several occasions.

3. Dot Chiffon Button Down--$24.50 marked down to $12.25
You'll soon figure out my love for button downs, especially sheer ones. They're so versatile, making them perfect for any occasion. Mint is one of my favorite colors this season and the dot print is so cute I couldn't pass it up. I only wish I had a white a-line skirt and mint pumps to wear with this. For now, I plan to wear it with white jeans (my go-to, this summer) and a silver statement necklace.In the fall I'll wear it with a white coat or the white leather jacket I've been dying for.

4.Woven Back Striped Tank--$16.90 marked down to $8.45
 My mint obsession is getting slightly out of hand, but I refuse to stop buying this color. This particular shirt also fuels my gray obsession, my stripe obsession, and my key hole back obsession. I have a lot of obsessions. I really like the sleeves (or lack thereof) on this tank. I don't really like my shoulders so I try to avoid thin strapped tank tops.The straps on this top are pretty thick. Hopefully I get enough wears out of this before I get over my obsessions.

5. Crocheted Lace Bodycon Skirt--$22.50 marked down to $9.00
This is my absolute favorite piece from this haul. The entire skirt is covered in beautiful lace. It fits tight, like a pencil skirt, but is stretchy enough that I'm not worried about ripping the lace. Can we talk about that price? $9.00 is a steal for this skirt. I plan on wearing this summer, in the fall, and even next summer. Lace is timeless, to me. It's actually longer than it looks in the photo.I could bring it up to above my belly button without scandalously exposing myself. I've actually been looking for lace bottoms for a while, but I always thought I'd end up with shorts. I'm so glad I found this because I've got too many pairs of shorts anyway. I cannot wait to wear this out & there will absolutely be a post about it.

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