Will and Kate and the Royal Baby Madness

It's easy to become annoyed at all the attention the almost-newborn is getting. It's just a baby. Why is more important that any other child? Well, I'll stop you right there. No other child is third is line for the British throne, which is the most influential monarchy in the world. Not only will that child rule England, it will rule many Commonwealth countries like Canada, Belize, and Jamaica. So, it's not only British people who've turned their attention, it's also many westerners. Just like Kate, this baby will soon become an icon for style and the talk of every tabloid. Many parents are delaying naming their own children so they either give or do not give their baby the same name as Will and Kate's. There has been much speculation as to what the baby's name may be. The couple has declined to know the child's gender, making this an even bigger mystery to us outsiders. I, for one, hope the new heir is a girl. After Charles and William rule, the world just may need a female iron fist. It has been suggested that the baby's name (or middle name) could be Diana, a silent nod to William's late mother, Princess of Wales. I am all in favor for this. Both of my parents were born in Belize, an aforementioned commonwealth of Britain. While my dad came to the US when he was a kid, my mother lived there her entire teenage life and actually met Princess Diana. She holds a place in my mom's heart, as she does in many other people's. I'm sure it would be entirely touching if they were to name their daughter after her. But what if the royal baby is boy? It is a lot easier to pick a royal name for a boy because there are few to choose from. George, Phillip, Edward, or even Henry (despite the fact that this is Harry's name). A name is normally not a big deal, but being that this child is third in line for the throne, it makes all the difference. There are so many responsibilties this child will have to attend to. Along with that, the child will have to deal with constantly being in the spotlight. Hopefully, he or she gets their mother's good publicity. She is always caught looking wonderfully and is hopelessly charitable. The Duchess of Cambridge has quickly become one of fashion's favorite people to watch. She has a classic, modest style that has not gone away since the arrival of her baby bump, which I'm sure every mother is jealous of. Kate's ability to maintain her personal style, but also look classy is very refreshing.  A royal child does not happen everyday, so I suggest soaking up the celebration as much as you can. I know that I will.
It has just been confirmed that Kate gave birth to a beautiful 8 pound baby boy! Congratulations! The name has yet to be announced. 

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