3 Apps That Make Being a Fashionista *That* Much Easier (PART 2)

In my previous post in this segment, I mentioned 3 amazing apps on iOS. Recently, I bought my first ever Android product--a Google Nexus 7. As soon as I had it set up I began to download my favorite apps: Pose, bloglovin' and we heart it. Then, after setting up accounts, I became bored. These are the same things I could do on my iPhone, except bigger. And sure, bigger is better in most cases, but having the same apps made me feel...redundant in a way. After a bit of exploring I found these 3 apps that are amazing for the everyday fashionista.

3. Glamlife
This app is everything I need as a blogger. I'm always trying to stay on top of things in the fashion and entertainment industries. Once downloaded you are asked to choose what you're interested in. The choices range from Supermodels to Justin Bieber. You choose as many as you want and are then taken to a home screen where they're all shown in chronological order. Plus, you get Breaking News notifications whenever something big happens.

2. Fashiontv
For those of us who don't get backstage passes to the hottest shows on fashion week, this app is a lifesaver. You can easily view videos from fashion weeks past and present. It also gives you a peek inside of parties, backstage at runway shows and interviews with models. The app includes "VIP" content that you have to pay for. I don't feel that buying is necessary. You still get access to plenty of shows and other videos. Just in time for New York's Fashion Week!
1. Fashion Freax
This app is for the avid OOTD-er. Post your looks, view others, and like them! This app is very much like Pose is, so I suggest trying them both out and choosing the one you like best. FF is constantly in landscape, whereas Pose is always in portrait. It might be a good idea to have both apps, if you're a blogger, so that you can reach out to different audiences. Otherwise you'll be fine with either. I've found that FF has a lot of international users (meaning, not from the US). FF also has ads at the bottom of your screen, so if that terribly bugs you, it's a deal breaker. P.S. How cool is it that I screenshotted at 11:11.

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Topshop Wishlist

I've mentioned my struggle with living so far away from stores like Zara and Topshop before. There's basically no way for me to get any of the gorgeous pieces they offer, short of winning the lottery (which still wouldn't work because I'm only 16). So, just like a child during the winter, I'm writing a wishlist. The difference is, rather than mailing it to the North Pole, I'm posting it for you all to see! 

1. Sheer Panel Crop Vest

I'm not a fan of tight fitting tops, so the crop top trend is a little lost on me. However, I really want a loose crop top to wear with sheer maxi skirts. I've looked all summer, in every place I have access to. And lo and behold, it's at Topshop. The top is versatile and could be used in so many different outfits. It's definitely a staple. 

2. Side Pleat Blouse
My favorite thing about this blouse is the cascading ruching on the side. It'd be so easy to dress up, but you'd still feel casual. I'd add leather leggings to edge up the dainty style and heels that incorporate gold. Since the body is blank, a long set of gold necklaces would add attraction.  

3. Leopard Ballets
The first thing that caught my eye was the strip of mint. I'm a big fan of color blocking, but this turned me into a huge fan of print/color blocking. The outfit possibilities are endless with a shoe like this. It's often that shoes are overlooked. They just cover your feet, right? Wrong. Shoes can make or break an outfit. Even flats, which are typically plain and boring, can be used as a statement piece. These would stand out in a black and/or white look or one with a mint piece including. I wouldn't recommend more cheetah print because too much of the same print can over do it. 

4. Pink Bow Front Shorts
I've been lusting after pink shorts since spring. These look so structured and sharp, I think they'd go lovely with my array of button downs or blazers. What made me fall in love was the pink bow. I love love love bows. This one is so dainty and cute that it makes the entire piece and will eventually make the entire outfit look girly. Another fun way to wear this would be to make every other piece boxy and almost manly, or, with stereotypical "man" clothing. The contrast between the shorts and the rest of the outfit would be shockingly chic, if done the right way. 

5. Small Cat Eye Sunglasses
Sunglasses are--hands down--my favorite accessory. I have been hesitant to try cat eye sunglasses for fear that they'd...take over my face. The frames on these, however, are smaller than most cat eyes, making them perfect for girls like me. If falling for a piece was like being thrown off of a cliff, what really pushed me over the edge were the brown tinted, ombre lenses. To die for. 

Talk about your Topshop must-haves in the comments!
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ootd: 2nd Day of School

I know what you're thinking. 2nd day of school? It's so irrelevant compared to the first day. The second day is when teachers start actually giving work. Who dresses up for that? The answer? Me. And everyone else on my high school cheer team. For the first day we were required to wear our uniforms and not the outfits we each, undoubtedly, spent hours deciding on.
This is a typical look for me. Black and white. Plain and simple. I added (also typical) my gold watch and bow bracelet, along with my gold bow necklace. The button down is really long even though I bought it in the appropriate size. For that reason, I use it in different outfits in different ways. As a focus piece, I wore my "Zara" skort, which was probably a given. To top it all off (or, bottom?) I wore black sequined loafers. These were more for decoration, but I added in white Clubmasters just because they're my favorite and that is an entirely valid reason. 
                                                   shirt: Forever 21 skort: Forever 21 shoes: unknown watch: Betsey Johnson sunglasses: Aeropostale                      
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style guide: Gettin' Good & Graphic


Crop shirt / H&M three quarter sleeve cardigan, $23 / Forever 21 tee / Pull&Bear pattern t shirt, $12 / Zara blazer / Zipper coat / DKNY black skirt / Topshop high-waisted shorts / River Island , $62 / H&M , $39 / Alexander McQueen high heel pumps / Report summer ankle boots / Ankle boots, $54 / Moonstone ring, $300 / Made chunky necklace / Rhinestone bracelet

My favorite part about graphic shirts is that they're so easy to dress. They go with everything! Jeans, shorts, skirts, throw a jacket on, wear heels, combat boots, hats, sunnies, leggings. Okay, so I'm getting ahead of myself; I'm sure you get the idea. I've mentioned before that in Southern California summer doesn't end until late October, at which point (in my town) it gets insanely cold at night. Graphic shirts like these are easily convertible.They encompass one of my favorite things: variety. There are so many different styles and options.

La Vie Boheme
This outfit was inspired by this one, that I found on Pinterest. The look is laid back, worn in, and casual. It's something you'd spy at a music festival. On cooler days, black leggings and a neutral cardigan help the wearer maintain their boho vibe. The moon stone ring adds a bit of bling to an otherwise dull look. 

I think I've mentioned this before, but edgy looks are my favorite to dress. The style is so different than my own, so it's quite fun. The shark tank is quirky and, by itself, it's a statement. Because we don't want them to stick out too much, basic black jeans are the way to go. It keeps the focus where we want it to be. A leather jacket is a staple piece. It gives an added edge to the look and becomes the new statement. Rather than go for traditional combat boots, these short heeled ankle booties are a refreshing change of pace. The matching accents tie it in with the jacket. Spikes are an edge cliche. Since, I already broke the combat boot mold, I went for that one, too. The bracelet set brings out the gold on the jacket and shoes without, again, removing focus.

Business Casual
I am the biggest fan of blazers. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. They make any outfit so much more structured and fancy. I like being fancy. The graphic tank adds color and fun to an otherwise boring outfit. Sure, you could tuck in a white v-neck and it would be nice. But the high-waist on the pencil skirt plus the cropped tank is modern. If there's one thing every closet needs, it's a black pencil skirt. They're perfect for business, interviews, dinners, and everything inbetween. An updated version would be one with ruffles (like so), as that trend is coming out for fall. These Alexander McQueen shoes drew my eye because of the unique shape, but any classic black pumps will do. Just to add a little "bozazz" (to quote Funny Face), I threw in the spike necklace. Bozazz is an outfit requirement on this blog.

Please follow on bloglovin'. Two links are the sidebar: the + icon & the badge! Also, don't forget to follow on GFC. Scroll down & it'll be on the right! Have a lovely day!
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obsessed with: The "Zara" Skort

Picture this: little ol' me, staring at a list of posts on bloglovin' all featuring the same piece. The Zara skort. Skorts were something that had not crossed my mind since my mother dressed me. Once I got older it became one or the other. However, looking at all the amazing ways bloggers have dressed it, I was quickly encompassed in serious skort-envy. I live in California, very far away from the European clothing store, Zara, which means there is no realistic way for me to obtain the coveted piece. Fast forward to a week ago, I'm shopping at Forever 21. I turn around to the sound of angels harmonizing and the lights dim everywhere except for on the rack closest to me, where, in all it's glory, is an exact replica of the Zara skort. I have no shame in buying a fake. So what, if it isn't Zara's? It's gorgeous and officially my favorite piece (which, before, was my cheerleading uniform). The only difference that I've noticed so far is that Forever 21's version is high waisted. Which I think does the skort a disservice, but Forever 21's target shoppers a service. In this day and age, high-waists are where it's at. It's easier for the everyday shopper to fall in love with. I mentioned in this post that I was dedicating an entire post to a special item and here it is! I threw together different pieces to go with my "Zara" skort. There are quite a few pictures so I'll try to keep the commentary down. 

I had a bit of fun while taking these photos. Normally, I find it tedious and kind of pointless since I have no real plans to be a model, but with my Show-tunes station on Pandora playing, the experience was nicer. The quality sucks (again) and I'm beginning to feel that I could take better photos using my iPhone. 
1. This is really casual. So casual, in fact, that I can't even wear it to school. But that's what makes it special. I'm a big fan of monochrome (as you can tell, here) and an even bigger fan of Audrey Hepburn (both items from WetSeal).

2. This is the look that is most my everyday style. I love love love button downs and especially this one. The collar is covered in gold sequins. I tied in the front rather than tuck it in just to add a different look. Many other outfits I feature have tucked in shirts. (Forever 21)
3. This sweater is 1) a size too small (which is around 3 sizes too small for me when it comes to sweaters), 2) a gift. I think the gifter didn't think I could find anything to go with it, but lo and behold, the Zara skirt came to my rescue. Despite what the photo may tell you, the sweater is neon yellow, almost green. (American Eagle)
4. Since the "Zara" skort has a high waist, I find that crop tops look nice with it. This is as "crop" as crop tops get for me. I love this shirt because it incorporates so many different colors and allows for variations. It's an easy look, perfect for school. (H&M)
5. I love the rosy colored lace with the strict black. The look is easy-going, but still very pretty and girly. The lace pattern is unlike any other I've seen. (both items from Forever 21)
6. I love the look of popped collars. It makes an outfit seem a little retro and a little too-cool-to-care. I've been trying to find something that isn't a dress to go with this denim jacket for a while now. Once again, the "Zara" skort saved the day. I paired it with this red and white lace (so hard to tell, my apologies) slightly cropped top. I quite like the nautical look of red or blue stripes and the lace in this one drove me over the edge...so pretty! (top: Forever 21 jacket: Outer Cage)
7. I think that if I have to choose a favorite outfit from this post, it would be this one. The lace shirt is feminine while the military jacket is edgy. Although it's terribly hard to see, the pockets on the jacket have different earth-tone gems sewed on. It's rather gorgeous. Together, the two pieces are the greatest mix of sugar and spice. (top: Charlotte Russe jacket: H&M watch: Betsey Johnson)

Thank you for putting up with my poor quality photos! I assure you a solution is on it's way. What do you think about the "Zara" skort?

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obsessed with: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

marc by marc

Marc by Marc Jacobs , $575 / Marc by Marc Jacobs , $575 / Marc by Marc Jacobs / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs

I first encountered these gorgeous bags here and have since been in love. One of my favorite parts about these purses are the handles, specifically the metal decals that hold them to the bag. For some reason, they remind me of a royal guard's uniform. The bags come in multiple styles and colors, so there's certainly a bag for everyone. No matter what any man says, handbags are a necessity. And just like underwear, it's completely reasonable to buy pretty ones as opposed to regular ones that do the same thing. The hard part is when to stop. Continuing with the underwear analogy, one of the hardest things to do is pass by a Victoria's Secret while they're having a sale on panties. It's a necessity, we tell ourselves. But let's be honest, you often pass over the new ones for your old favorites. It's the same with bags. A shiny new one is amazing to have, but what if the old one gets jealous? You've been through so much together. Soon, you have a thousand pairs of panties and a hundred designer bags, that--now that you're thinking about it--look almost identical. That's what makes this line of bags so obsess-worthy. They're all unique. No two bags look the same (unless, of course, you're staring at the same bag in different colors, in which case, go with the color you haven't already bought in another style). There is no more old-bag-remorse because you both know that the next time it goes with your outfit, that's the bag that will be on your arm. I demand to know who has infiltrated the female mind so flawlessly. It's really a win-win. They get our money and we get endless bag-envy from everyone who doesn't own one. 

I thought about picking a favorite, but it's too hard to decide. The yellow is loved for simply the fact that it's yellow. The color block is beautiful and the colors will be perfect in the fall. To it's left, I love the handles and opening of this satchel. Also, I think I'm in need of a colorful bag. Blue is the best color, as it isn't too wild. A slouchy leather bag is nice for the fall when you have more to carry and less time to worry about which bag matches what. The is the ultimate autumn accessory. This cute mini bag is great for summer. It holds everything you need, but is compact. This bag is it for girls like me; I try to carry as much as possible in as little as possible. Also, the color is very pretty. I can easily picture it with a tribal bathing suit with an over sized white button down as a cover-up. This next bag, to me, screams professional. It's structured and versatile. It will do wonders for whenever you have to take the office with you. Lastly, this white hand bag is quite possibly everything I could want in a purse. For starters, it's white. The gold accents are, well, accented nicely against the cream color. I love the structure and shape of this one. Plus, it has a strap you can add or remove, which I find enthralling because I'm so indecisive. 

Leave it to Marc Jacobs to put out such a lovable collection of bags. I should mention, there are plenty of other styles and colors that you can view here. Which bags are your favorite? Or are you so overtaken by their beauty you just can't decide? Don't worry; me too. And that's exactly what the geniuses at Marc by Marc Jacobs want. 
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Back To School Haul & How I'm Wearing Them

My high school starts up again in less than a week and although school can be extremely stressful, I'm quite excited for my junior year. I'm enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, which means for the next two years I'll have the same people in every class. These people are who I'll spend the rest of high school with and I can't help but be anxious to start creating the bond I'll inevitably share with these people. I'm also excited because this year I have this blog! It will inspire me to make sure every outfit looks amazing, even if I'm only heading to school.

I recently went shopping and bought a few new items for the fall, which is not much different from summer, here in SoCal. Fair warning, and forgive me for being blunt, these photos are crap. I'm not sure what happened; I'm still getting used to my Fujifilms Finepix digital camera. Anyway, the "outfits" below are obviously not completed. They're two pieces I think look nice together and with a few accessories they'll be perfected and ready to leave the house. 

                                               Before I start, my love of mint has recently been displayed all over my bedroom walls. I have no regrets.
1. Loose Knit Sweater -- Forever 21

 I bought this for two simple reasons: it's white; it's perfect for the erratic weather in my town. It's so thick, but the loose knit cools it down a bit. The sleeves are a little too small, but that's perfectly fine because I don't  like long sleeves anyway. This is actually a size medium. I tend to buy sweaters a size or two bigger because I prefer baggy clothes to tight (which is deep rooted in my insecurities with my chest size, but that's the TL;DR). I'm sure this will become my favorite piece this season, as it's so versatile. 

2. Blush Jeggings -- Tilly's
This was an admitted impulse buy. I had a list going into shopping and this purchase was way out of left field, but sometimes the best  buys are. I've never owned a pair of jeggings before this, so I wasn't sure what to expect. These are really soft--almost feel like leather--and perfectly stretchy. They're the perfect amount of thick and thin, because they aren't so thick that I'll sweat if I step outside, but not so thin that you'd be able to see through them. I bought these in a size 1 and they fit perfect, there's even a little space which is always welcome for those days where bloating gets the best of me. Suffice to say, I'm in love with these jeggings and I'd like to thank my lack of self-control when it comes to cute clothes. 
3. Lightning Bolt Tank -- Forever 21
I'm really into this style of tank top this summer. It's a little edgy and loose and it's perfect for casual outfits. One thing I don't like, however, is that the sleeve opening sort of hang out at the bottom. After a wash & dry, the problem should be fixed. The lightning bolt is made out of sequins. I think it will look great with gold accessories, specifically and especially my gold Betsey Johnson watch that I wear whenever possible. This shirt is in a size small, but it's quite long. If it wasn't tucked in, it would cover most of my shorts. 

Speaking of shorts, these are not a new item, but were purchased at Kohl's at the beginning of summer. Because the photo sucks, you can't tell, but the front is covered in matching mint lace.

4. Pink & Green Floral Jeans
Printed jeans have been on my radar ever since I saw this look on Song of Style. The two prints are different in countless ways, but I really like that there are different colors in these pants. The pink roses are soft and carry two shades of pink and the green leaves are very earthy. I could wear this with sheer pinks or a green military jacket and achieve the same level of style. That's basically what I look for in a piece: whether or not I can wear it differently. My style really depends on my mood. These jeans epitomize what my wardrobe is like. I think it's important to have statement pieces, like printed pants, but they also have to be versatile. That way, you get more wears out of them. 

The coral sweater pictured is also not new. I bought this at Tilly's around April. It has a rather large cut out in the back. I bought it in a size medium and it has since shrunk quite a bit. 

5. -------------------------------------
My last new piece is so spectacular that I'm giving it it's own blog post! I'm excited for it, so please stay on the look out! 

Thank you for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

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ootd: Lake Isabella...

...and whatever river flows into it. Kern River, I believe? Anyway, I had a pleasant day there with my family, who heckled me for over-dressing. I don't think there's such a thing!

                            top: Forever 21 skirt: Aeropostale sandals: borrowed watch: Anne Klein sunglasses: Rue 21




look: Not Laurent

rings, rings, cars, clothes

Yves Saint Laurent , $23 / Yves Saint Laurent , $2,600 / High heels / Mulberry leather handbag / DesignSix antique ring

I've actually been looking to do a look with heels like these. I've also been in love with the "Ain't Laurent Without Yves" motto since I saw it on a bag from a blog I follow on  bloglovin' (can't remember who!). I like this look a lot. It's basic and clean, but still trendy and still edgy.


Summer Faves

summer faves

Forever 21 / H&M cotton shorts, $31 / Damsel in a Dress bikini swimsuit / Zara stiletto heels / Coast envelope clutch, $61 / Thin mid knuckle ring / Madewell / Shimmer eye makeup / Marc Jacobs daisy perfume / Sun care

Officially, Summer ends when August does, but for many of us still in school it ends after July. This was easily one of the best summers ever. The weather was fantastic and it was well spent; with good friends and family. To bid homage to the summer before the blog is filled with coats and boots, here are some of my summer favorites.

1. Fringe Bikini
This bikini (and others like it) epitomizes what summer is about: fun. The fringe is insanely playful. I own a neon coral bathing suit top like this one and I have to say, it's an attention grabber. Plus, the bright color on this one makes skin look tan. Save yourself some UV ray harm and get a neon bikini!

2. White Shorts
White, as you may know, is my favorite color this summer. It's clean and looks amazing with everything.

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock
I have nothing but good words for this sunblock. It sprays on so nicely and doesn't feel thick and gross. Also, it comes in a range of SPFs.

4. Red Lips
Simply because they're red lips. A classic with no intentions of fading away.

5. Colorful or Funky-shaped Sunnies
These glasses are perfect for summer. They're exciting, youthful, and dramatic. I can definitely see the style carrying over to next summer.

6. Single Sole Shoes
Hands down, this is my favorite trend. It brought the classy back to casual. With them, you can pair everyday outfits with gorgeous heels.

7. Colorful Eyeliner
Or colorful eye makeup in general. Especially in this pretty turquoise color.

8. Thin Knuckle Rings
This trend will definitely follow us into fall. I'm sure anyone who wears them will agree that they make an outfit look really pretty.

9. Cut Out Dresses
Cut outs, themselves, were a huge trend during the warmer months, but I especially like cut out dresses. They look feminine and pretty, while also trendy and a little casual.

10. Clutches
During the summer our purse load tends to go down. Being so busy, who would want to carry all that stuff around  inside a bulky bag. Clutches do the trick. They're lightweight, really cute, and only take necessities.

11. Daisy by Marc Jacobs
This has been my favorite spring/summer perfume for a while now. The scent is light and fresh, like a daisy (OHH, so that's why...).

There you have it! My summer favorites. It's not too late to jump on the bandwagon and get any of these. There's still a month of actual summer!