Back To School Haul & How I'm Wearing Them

My high school starts up again in less than a week and although school can be extremely stressful, I'm quite excited for my junior year. I'm enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, which means for the next two years I'll have the same people in every class. These people are who I'll spend the rest of high school with and I can't help but be anxious to start creating the bond I'll inevitably share with these people. I'm also excited because this year I have this blog! It will inspire me to make sure every outfit looks amazing, even if I'm only heading to school.

I recently went shopping and bought a few new items for the fall, which is not much different from summer, here in SoCal. Fair warning, and forgive me for being blunt, these photos are crap. I'm not sure what happened; I'm still getting used to my Fujifilms Finepix digital camera. Anyway, the "outfits" below are obviously not completed. They're two pieces I think look nice together and with a few accessories they'll be perfected and ready to leave the house. 

                                               Before I start, my love of mint has recently been displayed all over my bedroom walls. I have no regrets.
1. Loose Knit Sweater -- Forever 21

 I bought this for two simple reasons: it's white; it's perfect for the erratic weather in my town. It's so thick, but the loose knit cools it down a bit. The sleeves are a little too small, but that's perfectly fine because I don't  like long sleeves anyway. This is actually a size medium. I tend to buy sweaters a size or two bigger because I prefer baggy clothes to tight (which is deep rooted in my insecurities with my chest size, but that's the TL;DR). I'm sure this will become my favorite piece this season, as it's so versatile. 

2. Blush Jeggings -- Tilly's
This was an admitted impulse buy. I had a list going into shopping and this purchase was way out of left field, but sometimes the best  buys are. I've never owned a pair of jeggings before this, so I wasn't sure what to expect. These are really soft--almost feel like leather--and perfectly stretchy. They're the perfect amount of thick and thin, because they aren't so thick that I'll sweat if I step outside, but not so thin that you'd be able to see through them. I bought these in a size 1 and they fit perfect, there's even a little space which is always welcome for those days where bloating gets the best of me. Suffice to say, I'm in love with these jeggings and I'd like to thank my lack of self-control when it comes to cute clothes. 
3. Lightning Bolt Tank -- Forever 21
I'm really into this style of tank top this summer. It's a little edgy and loose and it's perfect for casual outfits. One thing I don't like, however, is that the sleeve opening sort of hang out at the bottom. After a wash & dry, the problem should be fixed. The lightning bolt is made out of sequins. I think it will look great with gold accessories, specifically and especially my gold Betsey Johnson watch that I wear whenever possible. This shirt is in a size small, but it's quite long. If it wasn't tucked in, it would cover most of my shorts. 

Speaking of shorts, these are not a new item, but were purchased at Kohl's at the beginning of summer. Because the photo sucks, you can't tell, but the front is covered in matching mint lace.

4. Pink & Green Floral Jeans
Printed jeans have been on my radar ever since I saw this look on Song of Style. The two prints are different in countless ways, but I really like that there are different colors in these pants. The pink roses are soft and carry two shades of pink and the green leaves are very earthy. I could wear this with sheer pinks or a green military jacket and achieve the same level of style. That's basically what I look for in a piece: whether or not I can wear it differently. My style really depends on my mood. These jeans epitomize what my wardrobe is like. I think it's important to have statement pieces, like printed pants, but they also have to be versatile. That way, you get more wears out of them. 

The coral sweater pictured is also not new. I bought this at Tilly's around April. It has a rather large cut out in the back. I bought it in a size medium and it has since shrunk quite a bit. 

5. -------------------------------------
My last new piece is so spectacular that I'm giving it it's own blog post! I'm excited for it, so please stay on the look out! 

Thank you for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

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