obsessed with: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

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Marc by Marc Jacobs , $575 / Marc by Marc Jacobs , $575 / Marc by Marc Jacobs / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs

I first encountered these gorgeous bags here and have since been in love. One of my favorite parts about these purses are the handles, specifically the metal decals that hold them to the bag. For some reason, they remind me of a royal guard's uniform. The bags come in multiple styles and colors, so there's certainly a bag for everyone. No matter what any man says, handbags are a necessity. And just like underwear, it's completely reasonable to buy pretty ones as opposed to regular ones that do the same thing. The hard part is when to stop. Continuing with the underwear analogy, one of the hardest things to do is pass by a Victoria's Secret while they're having a sale on panties. It's a necessity, we tell ourselves. But let's be honest, you often pass over the new ones for your old favorites. It's the same with bags. A shiny new one is amazing to have, but what if the old one gets jealous? You've been through so much together. Soon, you have a thousand pairs of panties and a hundred designer bags, that--now that you're thinking about it--look almost identical. That's what makes this line of bags so obsess-worthy. They're all unique. No two bags look the same (unless, of course, you're staring at the same bag in different colors, in which case, go with the color you haven't already bought in another style). There is no more old-bag-remorse because you both know that the next time it goes with your outfit, that's the bag that will be on your arm. I demand to know who has infiltrated the female mind so flawlessly. It's really a win-win. They get our money and we get endless bag-envy from everyone who doesn't own one. 

I thought about picking a favorite, but it's too hard to decide. The yellow is loved for simply the fact that it's yellow. The color block is beautiful and the colors will be perfect in the fall. To it's left, I love the handles and opening of this satchel. Also, I think I'm in need of a colorful bag. Blue is the best color, as it isn't too wild. A slouchy leather bag is nice for the fall when you have more to carry and less time to worry about which bag matches what. The is the ultimate autumn accessory. This cute mini bag is great for summer. It holds everything you need, but is compact. This bag is it for girls like me; I try to carry as much as possible in as little as possible. Also, the color is very pretty. I can easily picture it with a tribal bathing suit with an over sized white button down as a cover-up. This next bag, to me, screams professional. It's structured and versatile. It will do wonders for whenever you have to take the office with you. Lastly, this white hand bag is quite possibly everything I could want in a purse. For starters, it's white. The gold accents are, well, accented nicely against the cream color. I love the structure and shape of this one. Plus, it has a strap you can add or remove, which I find enthralling because I'm so indecisive. 

Leave it to Marc Jacobs to put out such a lovable collection of bags. I should mention, there are plenty of other styles and colors that you can view here. Which bags are your favorite? Or are you so overtaken by their beauty you just can't decide? Don't worry; me too. And that's exactly what the geniuses at Marc by Marc Jacobs want. 
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  1. I love Marc Jacobs and I love all these bags you shared!!


  2. Marc Jacobs..i loveeeeeeeeee!!! very interesting article sweety. if you want we can follow each other.. let me know. kisses from Italy.

  3. I couldn't agree more. I want all of them. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on my blog today. :) xo