obsessed with: The "Zara" Skort

Picture this: little ol' me, staring at a list of posts on bloglovin' all featuring the same piece. The Zara skort. Skorts were something that had not crossed my mind since my mother dressed me. Once I got older it became one or the other. However, looking at all the amazing ways bloggers have dressed it, I was quickly encompassed in serious skort-envy. I live in California, very far away from the European clothing store, Zara, which means there is no realistic way for me to obtain the coveted piece. Fast forward to a week ago, I'm shopping at Forever 21. I turn around to the sound of angels harmonizing and the lights dim everywhere except for on the rack closest to me, where, in all it's glory, is an exact replica of the Zara skort. I have no shame in buying a fake. So what, if it isn't Zara's? It's gorgeous and officially my favorite piece (which, before, was my cheerleading uniform). The only difference that I've noticed so far is that Forever 21's version is high waisted. Which I think does the skort a disservice, but Forever 21's target shoppers a service. In this day and age, high-waists are where it's at. It's easier for the everyday shopper to fall in love with. I mentioned in this post that I was dedicating an entire post to a special item and here it is! I threw together different pieces to go with my "Zara" skort. There are quite a few pictures so I'll try to keep the commentary down. 

I had a bit of fun while taking these photos. Normally, I find it tedious and kind of pointless since I have no real plans to be a model, but with my Show-tunes station on Pandora playing, the experience was nicer. The quality sucks (again) and I'm beginning to feel that I could take better photos using my iPhone. 
1. This is really casual. So casual, in fact, that I can't even wear it to school. But that's what makes it special. I'm a big fan of monochrome (as you can tell, here) and an even bigger fan of Audrey Hepburn (both items from WetSeal).

2. This is the look that is most my everyday style. I love love love button downs and especially this one. The collar is covered in gold sequins. I tied in the front rather than tuck it in just to add a different look. Many other outfits I feature have tucked in shirts. (Forever 21)
3. This sweater is 1) a size too small (which is around 3 sizes too small for me when it comes to sweaters), 2) a gift. I think the gifter didn't think I could find anything to go with it, but lo and behold, the Zara skirt came to my rescue. Despite what the photo may tell you, the sweater is neon yellow, almost green. (American Eagle)
4. Since the "Zara" skort has a high waist, I find that crop tops look nice with it. This is as "crop" as crop tops get for me. I love this shirt because it incorporates so many different colors and allows for variations. It's an easy look, perfect for school. (H&M)
5. I love the rosy colored lace with the strict black. The look is easy-going, but still very pretty and girly. The lace pattern is unlike any other I've seen. (both items from Forever 21)
6. I love the look of popped collars. It makes an outfit seem a little retro and a little too-cool-to-care. I've been trying to find something that isn't a dress to go with this denim jacket for a while now. Once again, the "Zara" skort saved the day. I paired it with this red and white lace (so hard to tell, my apologies) slightly cropped top. I quite like the nautical look of red or blue stripes and the lace in this one drove me over the edge...so pretty! (top: Forever 21 jacket: Outer Cage)
7. I think that if I have to choose a favorite outfit from this post, it would be this one. The lace shirt is feminine while the military jacket is edgy. Although it's terribly hard to see, the pockets on the jacket have different earth-tone gems sewed on. It's rather gorgeous. Together, the two pieces are the greatest mix of sugar and spice. (top: Charlotte Russe jacket: H&M watch: Betsey Johnson)

Thank you for putting up with my poor quality photos! I assure you a solution is on it's way. What do you think about the "Zara" skort?

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