ootd: 2nd Day of School

I know what you're thinking. 2nd day of school? It's so irrelevant compared to the first day. The second day is when teachers start actually giving work. Who dresses up for that? The answer? Me. And everyone else on my high school cheer team. For the first day we were required to wear our uniforms and not the outfits we each, undoubtedly, spent hours deciding on.
This is a typical look for me. Black and white. Plain and simple. I added (also typical) my gold watch and bow bracelet, along with my gold bow necklace. The button down is really long even though I bought it in the appropriate size. For that reason, I use it in different outfits in different ways. As a focus piece, I wore my "Zara" skort, which was probably a given. To top it all off (or, bottom?) I wore black sequined loafers. These were more for decoration, but I added in white Clubmasters just because they're my favorite and that is an entirely valid reason. 
                                                   shirt: Forever 21 skort: Forever 21 shoes: unknown watch: Betsey Johnson sunglasses: Aeropostale                      
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