style guide: Gettin' Good & Graphic


Crop shirt / H&M three quarter sleeve cardigan, $23 / Forever 21 tee / Pull&Bear pattern t shirt, $12 / Zara blazer / Zipper coat / DKNY black skirt / Topshop high-waisted shorts / River Island , $62 / H&M , $39 / Alexander McQueen high heel pumps / Report summer ankle boots / Ankle boots, $54 / Moonstone ring, $300 / Made chunky necklace / Rhinestone bracelet

My favorite part about graphic shirts is that they're so easy to dress. They go with everything! Jeans, shorts, skirts, throw a jacket on, wear heels, combat boots, hats, sunnies, leggings. Okay, so I'm getting ahead of myself; I'm sure you get the idea. I've mentioned before that in Southern California summer doesn't end until late October, at which point (in my town) it gets insanely cold at night. Graphic shirts like these are easily convertible.They encompass one of my favorite things: variety. There are so many different styles and options.

La Vie Boheme
This outfit was inspired by this one, that I found on Pinterest. The look is laid back, worn in, and casual. It's something you'd spy at a music festival. On cooler days, black leggings and a neutral cardigan help the wearer maintain their boho vibe. The moon stone ring adds a bit of bling to an otherwise dull look. 

I think I've mentioned this before, but edgy looks are my favorite to dress. The style is so different than my own, so it's quite fun. The shark tank is quirky and, by itself, it's a statement. Because we don't want them to stick out too much, basic black jeans are the way to go. It keeps the focus where we want it to be. A leather jacket is a staple piece. It gives an added edge to the look and becomes the new statement. Rather than go for traditional combat boots, these short heeled ankle booties are a refreshing change of pace. The matching accents tie it in with the jacket. Spikes are an edge cliche. Since, I already broke the combat boot mold, I went for that one, too. The bracelet set brings out the gold on the jacket and shoes without, again, removing focus.

Business Casual
I am the biggest fan of blazers. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. They make any outfit so much more structured and fancy. I like being fancy. The graphic tank adds color and fun to an otherwise boring outfit. Sure, you could tuck in a white v-neck and it would be nice. But the high-waist on the pencil skirt plus the cropped tank is modern. If there's one thing every closet needs, it's a black pencil skirt. They're perfect for business, interviews, dinners, and everything inbetween. An updated version would be one with ruffles (like so), as that trend is coming out for fall. These Alexander McQueen shoes drew my eye because of the unique shape, but any classic black pumps will do. Just to add a little "bozazz" (to quote Funny Face), I threw in the spike necklace. Bozazz is an outfit requirement on this blog.

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