Topshop Wishlist

I've mentioned my struggle with living so far away from stores like Zara and Topshop before. There's basically no way for me to get any of the gorgeous pieces they offer, short of winning the lottery (which still wouldn't work because I'm only 16). So, just like a child during the winter, I'm writing a wishlist. The difference is, rather than mailing it to the North Pole, I'm posting it for you all to see! 

1. Sheer Panel Crop Vest

I'm not a fan of tight fitting tops, so the crop top trend is a little lost on me. However, I really want a loose crop top to wear with sheer maxi skirts. I've looked all summer, in every place I have access to. And lo and behold, it's at Topshop. The top is versatile and could be used in so many different outfits. It's definitely a staple. 

2. Side Pleat Blouse
My favorite thing about this blouse is the cascading ruching on the side. It'd be so easy to dress up, but you'd still feel casual. I'd add leather leggings to edge up the dainty style and heels that incorporate gold. Since the body is blank, a long set of gold necklaces would add attraction.  

3. Leopard Ballets
The first thing that caught my eye was the strip of mint. I'm a big fan of color blocking, but this turned me into a huge fan of print/color blocking. The outfit possibilities are endless with a shoe like this. It's often that shoes are overlooked. They just cover your feet, right? Wrong. Shoes can make or break an outfit. Even flats, which are typically plain and boring, can be used as a statement piece. These would stand out in a black and/or white look or one with a mint piece including. I wouldn't recommend more cheetah print because too much of the same print can over do it. 

4. Pink Bow Front Shorts
I've been lusting after pink shorts since spring. These look so structured and sharp, I think they'd go lovely with my array of button downs or blazers. What made me fall in love was the pink bow. I love love love bows. This one is so dainty and cute that it makes the entire piece and will eventually make the entire outfit look girly. Another fun way to wear this would be to make every other piece boxy and almost manly, or, with stereotypical "man" clothing. The contrast between the shorts and the rest of the outfit would be shockingly chic, if done the right way. 

5. Small Cat Eye Sunglasses
Sunglasses are--hands down--my favorite accessory. I have been hesitant to try cat eye sunglasses for fear that they'd...take over my face. The frames on these, however, are smaller than most cat eyes, making them perfect for girls like me. If falling for a piece was like being thrown off of a cliff, what really pushed me over the edge were the brown tinted, ombre lenses. To die for. 

Talk about your Topshop must-haves in the comments!
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