When summer ended, I had incredible plans for this blog. Posts nearly every day, guest posts with my best friend (who you can find here), and so much about fashion week. And then school actually started. I knew IB was time consuming, but I hadn't realized how mind-consuming. I'm constantly thinking about school, now and I find it hard to focus on anything else. Even now I'm contemplating quoting Jorge Luis Borges (if you don't know, you should). This weekend was the first in a while that I get a break. And it's the perfect time to make a comeback.
Throughout the month of October and, hopefully, forever, I'll be posting outfit of the days differently. For starters, they won't be labeled "ootd" as per tradition. They will, however, showcase the transition to Fall/Winter. It's going to be an amazing season filled with edge, suiting up, and over-dressing (you'll get the joke soon enough). I can't wait to log it all here. 

Please keep checking back for more posts featuring the looks pictured here and so much more. Follow IRBOFA on bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect via the links in the sidebar.  
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