f/w 2013
all items can be found at Forever 21

1. I love this pleated romper. I've actually been dying for something long sleeved like this. I think it would look lovely with textured tights and a pea coat. 
2. When I began looking through the accessories, I knew one thing: I didn't want fingerless gloves. So, naturally, that's what I end up with. What really made me fall for these was the quilted leather. I'm some what obsessed with it. Plus, finger-less is a little bad-ass, so forgive me for living vicariously through my clothing. 
3. Plaid has definitely been the hardest fall/winter trend for me to utilize. Perhaps because I have none. I thought I'd start off small with this infinity scarf. With little doses of print, you can sophisticate an outfit without over powering it. This is why accessories like scarves, gloves, and hats are so important.
4. I've been dying for a pair of these shoes since last fall, to no avail. My hopes in putting these on the list was to catch them on sale somewhere, since they aren't the most practical for this season.
5. Teal is such a pretty fall color--one of my favorites. One of the most important parts of a piece is whether or not it's versatile. This shift dress can be worn alone or with layers thrown atop and will still look wonderful.
6. Not pictured, the back of this knit says "ROCK" in the same bold lettering. I think it's perfect for the punk forecast, while allowing for the glamour a girly-girl requires.
7. One word: mod. The hidden wedge in this booties is so clean and classic, making it irresistable. The cut adds a little bit of dimension and edge, again perfect for the punks. Despite this, I think they would look great with dresses and skirts with or without tights. 
8. With this skirt, I plan on channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw (who, I'm telling you, is just dying to come out). It's super femme and a little ethereal. Although it'd work better Spring/Summer 2014, I cannot wait!
9. For some odd reason I find this style of shoe to be the flat equivalent of those in number 4. Which is why I have to have them. Until it becomes acceptable to wear heels to school I will purchase all of these flats, if necessary. These particular ones come with my favorite type of accents (the gold kind) and a pointed toe, which I feel class up any look. 
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  1. love the fingerless gloves! and all the shoes are STUNNING!! :D

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