A lot of the time, men aren't very showcased in the world of style blogs, a fact I find a little depressing. Sure, in women's clothing there is more room for trends. We have skirts, dresses, pants, heels & a whole other repetoire of clothing and accessories that men hardly ever touch. Men's fashion is a challenge. So being a fashionable man in this day and age is so much more worthy of repute. I find myself lucky to have friends who put effort into their clothing because it challenges me to translate what they do, into what's happening on the runway.

For example, mixed prints. Although barely seen in the photo the gray collared top has a small paisley print in a darker gray. It's size and being that it's in the same color family fits it so well with the argyle sweater. 
Using color was a concept that I, for so long, thought was lost on men. Although used basically, these two used color better than most women. Darker colors are perfect for fall, especially the burgundy. This season, however, it's been fitting to use black and white solely, letting them accent each other, as shown in the leftmost outfit. The slight red in the sunglasses offers personality and a little touch of chic. 
photos taken outside of aNoiseWithin in Pasadena, California 

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