I'm not sure if it's obvious or not, but I'm a definite girly-girl. I prefer lace and heels to combat boots and military jackets. However, my preferred clothing choices are not always ideal in the winter. It's almost refreshing to back away from the fluff and into the dark side (boots are a thousand times more comfortable than pumps). So, when I found my favorite spring/summer color in my favorite fall/winter trend, I leaped.

Mint leather. The very thought seems cooling. The skirt comes with a silver zipper down the front, which I feel edges it up that much more. The mint's softness is greatly contrasted with the harsh black and white print, then kind of enveloped by the other black items. This way, the mint stands out a bit more. Colored leather is such a great way to bring the classic to a new dimension. Leather is no longer for the angsty rocker or the Greaser: it's for the masses. 

sweater: Forever 21 skirt: Forever 21 boots: unknown necklace: Charlotte Russe coat: unknown
Submitted to IFB's  Project Pastel Harvest

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  1. Great skirt! Love how you styled it!
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