BLAZIN' // how to wear a blazer casually

Blazers are structured pieces of outerwear magic. This automatically adds form to any outfit. The blazer is not the black, navy, or pinstripe staple for events any longer. It's casual, fun, and a little sophisticated. Wearing a blazer makes any person seem a little more put together, even on the days when you feel the least bit so. 
Let's talk florals. The best thing about this print is that it exudes a certain feel. It is automatically girly and an outfit around a floral basically builds itself. Floral jeans, especially, can easily be used a statement piece. This type of floral gives off a vintage vibe because of the blush pink against the white. The denim and skinny fit update it for the now. This is where one of the many fashion guidlines apply: "If it's tight on top, loose on bottom. Tight on bottom? Loose on top.".  

As mentioned, blazers are so much more now than they used to be. Today, they come in so many different prints, colors, and styles that make it so easy to fall in love. This blush blazer not only agrees with the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 runways, but makes it easy to be up-to-date on fashion. The color can easily be paired with most other colors and looks great with neutral prints. Because the denim print has blush along with green, it doesn't overwhelm the outfit with pink. Staying neutral for a top allows the blush color itself to be the statement, not necessarily the print alone or the blazer alone. 

blazer: Forever 21 top: Old Navy jeans: Forever 21 booties: Ross
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