In every outfit, I'd like to think, there is a statement piece. No matter how dull, no matter how last season and no matter how eccentric your outfit may be. And sometimes, there are more than one statement pieces. This all has to do with the different styles. I write a lot about being a girly-girl and the differences between that and the contrary, but, in reality, most of us are a combination. Let's be honest, we don't walk around in ethereal lace and a rosy blush everyday, nor are we perpetually clouded in black and studs. Sure, it's fun to dress that way on occasion, but normally we are both. Pieces like these allow for a variety of outfits, fit for the girl with a variety of styles.

For example, these cool, edgy boots have the same sleekness that a rebel might portray, but in this outfit, they're just chic. Imagine them with more leather and chains. Equally as fitting. 

Lace is a gorgeous texture to add to any outfit. White lace, especially, has a certain feminine quality. However, if there's one thing fashion loves, it's juxtaposition. Loose tops and tight bottoms, for example have become, basically, a law. This is why femme lace and edgy leather is so fantastic together. 

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  1. Ooo eee those shoes are stunning! I love them and very Autumny! although it's almost winter now :( *sob*