5 Best European Stores for an American To Try

As I mentioned in this post, I've been accepted to my dream school: New York University. The program I was chosen for requires me to spend a year in London. It's an incredible experience that I cannot wait to begin. That being said, I've done a little research for anyone else who will be travelling to UK for an extended period of time. Or, perhaps, loses their luggage and needs a quick wardrobe. These shops are primarily European-based and are a struggle to find in America. This list should give you an idea on which to stop by.
1. Primark
After seeing  converting the prices displayed on their website, I nearly had a heart attack. That's only one advantage to Primark, though. Another is that have stores nearly everywhere in the UK. No matter where you're travelling, there's bound to be a Primark nearby. I then did a Yelp search for one of the busiest Primarks--the one on Oxford Street, which a big tourist location--and it seems as though even native Londoners love it for its cheap prices and fast queues lines. Primark does not sell clothing online, but here's a photo from their Boxing Day Sale Advertisement.
$20.23 to 7.78, $15.56 to 7.78, $23.34 to $7.78

2. H&M
This is a no brainer for most of us. The European store we've come to know and love in the US has its mark all over the UK. Just like Primark, the stores are everywhere and when British stores get a little intimidating, ol' H&M will be there for you with its nice prices and familiar setting.

3. Topshop
 I have a number of problems with Topshop, but what makes up for them all is its wonderful ability to stay on trend. Most American stores, like Forever 21 follow their own trends and cater to the public and not to what fashion said. Topshop stays true to the formula. Besides that, it does get extremely pricey. The pieces, however, are wonderful and are perfect for a splurge. I would not attempt to get my entire wardrobe at Topshop especially on a college student's salary (of nothing). Upon second thought, if I really wanted to save for a glorious piece, I think I would save further and then visit Selfridges or Harrod's and get a designer piece, maybe Kurt Geiger heels or a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. 

4. Mango
This store seems really cool. Although the prices rival Topshop's, the aesthetic is totally different. I also receive a totally different vibe from Mango. They seem a bit more no-nonsense and to seek a goal of quality clothes delivered with care. Very straight to the point. Their stock photos for online shopping are not just clothes on white background but actual models wearing the clothes. This way, you get to see exactly how it lays and what kind of experience the makers intended. That, I believe, allows for a much more trusting relationship between buyer and seller. Mango is not for everyone, however, they seem to opt for monochromatic prints and textures over gaudy statements and jewels.

5. Zara
Zara is wonderful with trends, as well, just a slight step higher. While everything with Topshop screams urban, Zara is more sophisticated, whispering the word modern. We have Zara  in United States, but its frequency in the UK deftly provides variety. I, for one, would shop here if it weren't for those prices. If it were a rating I would give it three dollar signs out of five whereas Primark has one and a half. But is it worth it? I have reason to believe that yes, it's totally worth it. The clothes are quality like at Mango and trendy like at Topshop. It's all put together in a neat little aesthetic, ready for you. 

BONUS! Boohoo is an awesome UK-based online shop that ships to the US for quite little and even offers it for free when you spend more than $50. They also ship free in the UK. The prices rival Forever 21 and H&M's, but the style is strictly European. 
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