Life Update!

It's very easy to get caught up in a wave. One day, you're coasting and the next you're being pushed in another direction. No matter how much heart you put in, the effort just isn't enough. Until it is. There's a shift in the winds or a butterfly flaps its wings. You can finally get back onto your path. This time, however, it's more focused. You'd do anything to reach the end. And that is where I am currently. 
When I began this blog it was during the Spring when life is a lot easier in terms of my workload. This year, fall came and school took me by storm. Not only that, but college applications have been leering behind the mountains of schoolwork. However, things are dying down. I've received my acceptance to New York University. First semester has ended. I've got an incredible boyfriend. And I can back to what I really care about. Clothes. 
What does this mean? More OOTDs, more articles, and way more of me on this blog. I can't wait to begin it all. 
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