REVOLVE Clothing (Point of Interest)

Los Angeles' The Grove is one of the most notable places in the entire city. It houses stores from the some of the most influential brands today including Topshop, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap, and MAC. It's also home to many high-end brands like their new Diane von Furstenberg store, Barney's New York, and Nordstrom. Moreover, The Grove has an atmosphere akin to that of its city, but in a much more calm manner. The crowded streets in the outdoor shopping center are packed with people with the same goal: to take their time and have fun. On top of all the commercial aspects, The Grove has become a staple in the Los Angeles experience. Everything from it's architecture is traditional and understated. That is, until you reach a store in a little corner between the theatre and MAC: REVOLVE. 
The marquee is bright pink, with neon lit letters broadcasting the company's name. Next to monochromatic MAC, it's a surprise, but also a sight for sore eyes. For The Grove's regulars, REVOLVE is brand new. For the holiday season, they've put a pop-up store in The Grove. This attracts a brand new demographic to the business and to The Grove. REVOLVE has obtained a cult-following online with young adults because of its eclectic pieces from designer labels. These aren't just the more obscure or up-and-coming labels, either. REVOLVE sells pieces from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, and T by Alexander Wang, conveniently exposing them to the younger generation and perhaps creating lifelong bonds between consumers and designers. 
Of course, The Grove has stores for the younger generation like Forever 21 and Anthropologie, but REVOLVE has an air that the others cannot compete with. Although I have no doubt that REVOLVE's pop-up store will get the job done in terms of exposing itself to a new client-base, it certainly would not be a shame to see it move into a more permanent spot here in LA. 
The REVOLVE Pop-Up Shop will close down on December 31st, 2014. Hurry to The Grove soon! 
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