Study Inspiration!

To get you excited for the new semester at school, I've photographed my school supplies!
Ever since I was a kid, I adored shopping for school supplies. I'm too sure what that means, but I know I had a thing for making sure everything matched--and I still do. Today, school supplies means a little more than just the colors and prints. I need the right tools to successfully study and simply be in the correct mindset. I took inspiration from some amazing "studyspo" blogs on tumblr and took myself to Target. 
Beautiful, no?
So, at the very bottom of this glorious molehill is a five subject Mead notebook ($4.99). I live by multi-subject notebooks because carrying around more than one gets a little confusing for me, especially considering that there are only a limited variety of colors (And Biology has to be green!) But since I've only gotten one notebook, I go for neutral colors, like black, and then draw or write on it in a metallic marker. 

Next, is this gorgeous planner, also by Mead (not found online, but $7.99 in stores), a coincidence I've only just become aware of. I require a planner to keep my life in order, but the boring ones my school provides give me little inspiration to get anything done, so I buy my own. This one is weekly and monthly, so I can get a big picture, but also narrow it down day-by-day. This is crucial for reminding me about assignments and tests. For really important deadlines, I write them down and create a reminder in my iPhone. I severely recommend this because you never know when you get caught up and a little something slips your mind. 

The blue Post Its are for those quick moments where you have to jot down an assignment. There's no time to pull the entire planner out and flip to the correct page. Later, I write the assignments on the post it into my planner. The post its are allowed to be messy, whereas I like to keep my planner perfectly neat. Besides, by rewriting the assignment it helps me remember it. The Post Its I bought were part of the brand's "Colors of the World" edition. I (obviously) bought the New York City ones ($4.99). When I bought them, however, I was under the impression that they had the NYC skyline printed on each one...but they don't. They're simply in "NYC Colors": yellow for cabs, gray for the industry, and blue for the miles of sky. 

My pencil case is actually a makeup bag from Forever 21. I purchased it on sale at the beginning of the fall semester. It's simple, small, and fits everything I need inside. Not to mention, it is a really pretty neon coral. 

As far as pencils, I'm pretty liberal. Anything can get the job done, really. I do tend to write with a heavy hand, so 0.9 lead or wooden pencils work best. These are 0.9. In the eleventh grade, my English teacher said that he would rewrite his notes for each subject in a different color ink. That way, he associated certain things with certain colors and it helped him on tests. That was enough for me to adopt the practice. I don't always rewrite my notes, however, just the parts I need to study for a test. Lastly, I have an eraser because Lord knows I make a lot of mistakes. 

Do you have any study inspiration? 
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Where Have All Our Waists Gone? A look at Pre-Fall 2015

As Fashion Week looms in the not-so-far distance, I'd like to take a good look at pre-fall fashion. Fashion is one of the only fields that requires its employees to do the impossible. This isn't just hyperbolic--off of the top of my head I can only think off one more profession that needs this element, stock broking. Designers have to be able to predict the future. Specifically, they need to be able to predict the state of mind its wearers will be in during the coming season. We see Spring 2015 with its Oriental-esque wrap belts that Katherine Bernard of Vogue very fittingly relates to karate. She opens her article by stating that it's the "ultimate in power dressing" and it prompts the idea that women will need to assert their power very soon. If Spring 2015 is the offensive play, then Fall 2015 is most certainly the defensive. 

Let's look carefully. In Public School (a brand already known for its lines and structure) they offer a really beautiful marbled sweater and a long high-low top (a comeback so soon?) in a contrasting print. The sweater seems to double as a skirt with a drop waist, but virtually no waist of its own. Obviously on varying body types this changes. However, I like to keep in mind that these photographs are taken with liberty from the designers and their own associates, whose goal is to express the designers' wishes. Everything from the model to the ladder was chosen for a reason. And as easily as the thin model could have been chosen to show how waist-less the design is, the ladder could be a symbol for the female ascent in society. I digress...

Diane von Furstenberg, in my opinion, is the epitome of class. It's everything that a woman should want to be: feminine, strong, free-spirited. This piece lacks one of the fundamental parts of a feminine look--the classic thin waist--or even a waist at all. The vibrant, warm colors maintain a certain warmth that comes with the word maternity, but the fire that a 21st Century woman will need. 

That fire and determination is greatly exemplified in the last pre-fall outfit of this photoset. The monochrome is unforgiving, strong, and mysterious. However, we get our femininity from that incredible deep neck, emphasizes the fact that women can be powerful and sexy. 

So, what does it all mean? What battle may women be gearing up to face this fall? There's no way to know for sure. What we do know is that within the first three days, Republicans have introduced five new anti-abortion laws that directly attack the woman's right to her own reproductive system. We're in for an eventful 2015. 

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