California Bucket List: Hollywood Sign

Hey there! This is the next installment of my California Bucket List. On the same day my friends and I kicked it at Venice Beach, we also hiked to the Hollywood Sign. 

We took the easiest hiking trail because I'm honestly not a very fit person, but it was still a bit challenging; three miles each way! Luckily, we brought a lot of water, good music, and it wasn't too hot out. I recommend taking the hike in the morning (we were there at around ten), because the sun in Hollywood can become vicious any later. Other trails can put you in different positions in regards to the Hollywood sign. 

There are lots of places to take photos and a beautiful view of Downtown LA, not too far into the trail. The trail is frequented by local affiliations, like sports teams and training camps. When you see a group of men running towards you, it's best to just move out of the way. Lots of people bring their dogs, but it's required that they be on leashes. There are so many trails and each is big enough so that you most likely won't be surrounded with strangers. However, as summer approaches, there may be a lot more people venturing to take the hike. 

If you want more information on hiking to the Hollywood Sign, this website was a lot of help in planning our trip. 

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