Lush Bath Bombs -- Worth It?

YES. End of post. 
If only it were that simple! I had my first ever Lush experience fairly recently and there are so many things that I just love about the entire process that I'm typing at a mile a minute to get to the good part. I can only think of one complaint total and it's not even a real complaint, just a preference. Let's get into it. 
In the Store
I'm the type of girl who likes my shopping as efficient as possible. Every store has a different way of organizing their merchandise, whether it be from style to type to size. Lush does theirs by product. There are bath bombs in one isle, beauty products in another, and soaps somewhere else. This made it wonderfully easy for me to find exactly what I was looking for. The crew members were so friendly. They gave me tips on which bath bombs to use and how to use them. They were also very honest when it came to the products, which I enjoyed. This immediately made me trust them and want to spend my money there. One member told me the history behind the stiletto acrylic nails I had done for prom as I checked out, which ended up being incredibly interesting. Overall, I throughly enjoyed spending time in the store and would certainly go back. 
In the Mail
Shortly after my in-store experience, I received a package in the mail from Lush. It turns out that my boyfriend had bought me a couple of bath bombs as a surprise! I was so thrilled even though I hadn't actually used the one I purchased in person yet. Inside the box was a note, a catalog, and a complimentary soap as a bonus (I haven't tried the soap at this time, but if I like it, I'll be sure to purchase more and give a full review.) The products were surrounded with what seemed like millions of packaging peanuts that were hard to clean up. I'm not too against the peanuts, however, because I'd prefer cleaning up those than crumbled bath bomb. I glanced through the catalog and got to know Lush's handmade and all-natural policies, which I believe to be a wonderful bonus. Too many chemicals can be drying to my already parched skin. 
In the Bath
The first bath bomb I used was Butterball, although at the time I couldn't remember the name. It contains cocoa butter. After sitting in the bath for about a half an hour, I came out with my skin feeling soft and hydrated, even before applying lotion. I've used it once more since, but I'm trying to preserve them for as long as possible. I only use half of Butterball at a time and cut it by shaving the powder off into warm water using scissors. I've also used Big Blue. I googled the product, mid-bath because I was really curious about what the little sticks inside my bath were. Turns out, it's seaweed! When the seaweed hits the water it expells a chemical to help softer skin. Big Blue also turns your bath a wonderful aqua color. The color most likely varies depending on how much you use. I use a quarter of the bomb at a time and still acheive a beautiful blue color. I'm saving Rose Queen for a special occaision, but I will come update this post with a review once I've done so!
I can't express my adoration for the Lush bath bombs enough. If you're a fan of baths, relaxation, or even color, you should try these. They will definitely amp up your bath experience. 
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