OOTD: Nueva York

Good morning all! I'm so thrilled to rolling back into outfit of the days. The sun is out, the lighting great and I've never been more excited to take photos and share with you all. 

I especially adore this outfit because it is comfortable and fun. It's summer! I want all my outfits to make me feel confident and excited to go out. I love my Nueva York shirt. It's form-fitting, but not too tight and I can wear it casually or dress it up. 
This tiered skirt from Forever 21 is the epitome of flirty. It just can't stay still in this desert wind, making it dynamic and exciting. 
Underneath, I wore a white satin slip with a pretty lace trim because my skirt was a little short. A tiny skirt plus a breeze? Not a good combination. I like the extra layer it provides and the way it ties in the white shoes. The thick ankle strap is a contrast to the daintiness of the bottoms. Finally, a pale pink bag, just to top it off. A small bag allows the drama to stay with the skirt instead of attracting the attention elsewhere.

I hope this inspires your summer looks. Have a holy grail piece this season? Share it with me in the comments! Much love! 
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6 Pieces That'll Get You An Urban Festival Look

It's easy to become enamored by the ethereal exoticness that surrounds the festival trend this summer. However, not all of us have the privilege of running around various deserts in expensive, yet grungy clothing, listening to the best of the "worst" music. Many are stuck between pavement and concrete, lost within a sea of monochrome and patent leather. There is a way to bring the festival feel to even the most urban environments. Instead of the warm, nostalgic colors the desert is a host to, use the cool tones that made the city what it is. 

This black crochet and fringe vest screams Midwestern. The black, however, allows it to be edgy and modern at the same time. Paired with sleek grey jeans or light wash denim shorts, it's possible to take this vest all the way to grunge or maintain its "urban Coachella" vibe. 

These black booties from & Other Stories are the perfect combination of bohemian and modern. The shape and chunky heel take us to Western heights, but the leather and minimalism are everything city chic is about. I recommend matching these up with white destroyed shorts and about a million turquoise bracelets for the optimal festival flare. 

My favorite on this list, take a pair of monochrome, printed loose pants with a high waist. These can be palazzo, culotte, or harem style. The cuts are already so on-trend, but to add another ounce of urban, tuck in a sheer cami. Bonus points allotted if it has a plunging neck or back. Fill the neckline with a statement necklace and finish it off with subtle gladiator sandals, to keep the focus up. 

For this gorgeous dress, all the bohemian comes with the intricate neckline and the urban from the crisp white. To spice it up, add an array of pressed metal rings in various tones. I like to do silver with rose gold and yellow gold with gunmetal gray. On your feet, strappy white sandals make the look fresh. Take a page from the model and add a hat, but instead of brown, a cool toned color: gray, white, or black. 

I'm in love with the neckline on this Shop Hearts off the shoulder top. This wonderfully full and flowing top is the perfect partner for cream/beige leather shorts. The slick material from the shorts will contrast with the sheer top and make it stand out. For an extra kick in that department, add knee length gladiator sandals in dark brown and a big white tote bag. Finally, a long necklace does the final job of making the top the focal point, an instantly recognizable symbol of boho. 

Everything about a crochet bra top is western and bohemian. In order to transition this piece, it's important to pull out all the stops. Beginning with high waisted jeans or shorts in a light denim wash or black, add a long line blazer in a fun, cool toned color like royal blue. On your feet, a pair of classic white Converse tie it all together, but it's not complete without these kind of rad flip up sunnies from Forever 21. 

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REVIEW: LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in HEARTBREAKER

Lorac produces amazing quality eyeshadows for a pretty cheap price ($44 for their most expensive and popular palette). Yet, when I saw this new product in Ulta I was still taken aback. A 10 eyeshadow palette for $24 with Lorac's undeniable quality. It was an immediate purchase, 
 The Lorac Alter Ego palettes come in two sets: Heartbreaker and Dream Girl. My Ulta only carries one of the limited edition palettes, Heartbreaker. At first glance, this palette is gorgeous. The bright colors, the metallic, juxtaposed handwriting. It all screams summer and fun.
Once out of the box, the palette maintains that beauty in a simpler way, what I think Lorac has come to be known for--clean lines and simple packaging that lets the product speak for itself. The palette itself can fit right into the palm of your hand...

...and is so thin that you can easily fit it into a purse or clutch. 

The colors are vibrant, cool toned, and fun. They fit the summer ideal to a T. Despite having a few bright ones, there are several neutrals you can use to balance them out. This makes the palette versatile and perfect to take on vacation when you'd like to experiment with color, but not be too risky. 

The mirror was also a big plus for me. It's huge! This makes it an even better on-the-go palette. Especially for people like me, who need a big mirror in order to see. 

Like all Lorac shadows, the pigmentation is wonderful. A few of the colors would look better on those with a lighter skin tone, but most of them are gorgeous for anyone. 

After swatching and letting them sit for ten or so minutes, I took my hand and rubbed the shadows. Most of the did a pretty good job of staying put and this is WITHOUT primer. With primer, I foresee these shadows lasting all day, even when you're active. 

This Lorac palette has officially become my go-to for summer looks. Do you have a favorite? Leave it in the comments!

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