REVIEW: LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in HEARTBREAKER

Lorac produces amazing quality eyeshadows for a pretty cheap price ($44 for their most expensive and popular palette). Yet, when I saw this new product in Ulta I was still taken aback. A 10 eyeshadow palette for $24 with Lorac's undeniable quality. It was an immediate purchase, 
 The Lorac Alter Ego palettes come in two sets: Heartbreaker and Dream Girl. My Ulta only carries one of the limited edition palettes, Heartbreaker. At first glance, this palette is gorgeous. The bright colors, the metallic, juxtaposed handwriting. It all screams summer and fun.
Once out of the box, the palette maintains that beauty in a simpler way, what I think Lorac has come to be known for--clean lines and simple packaging that lets the product speak for itself. The palette itself can fit right into the palm of your hand...

...and is so thin that you can easily fit it into a purse or clutch. 

The colors are vibrant, cool toned, and fun. They fit the summer ideal to a T. Despite having a few bright ones, there are several neutrals you can use to balance them out. This makes the palette versatile and perfect to take on vacation when you'd like to experiment with color, but not be too risky. 

The mirror was also a big plus for me. It's huge! This makes it an even better on-the-go palette. Especially for people like me, who need a big mirror in order to see. 

Like all Lorac shadows, the pigmentation is wonderful. A few of the colors would look better on those with a lighter skin tone, but most of them are gorgeous for anyone. 

After swatching and letting them sit for ten or so minutes, I took my hand and rubbed the shadows. Most of the did a pretty good job of staying put and this is WITHOUT primer. With primer, I foresee these shadows lasting all day, even when you're active. 

This Lorac palette has officially become my go-to for summer looks. Do you have a favorite? Leave it in the comments!

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