Dupe? MAC's Cyber and NYX's Betrayal

 As a bargain shopper, I'm always looking for dupes of my favorite high end products in case of emergency or if I'm doing something that I don't want to risk bringing my pricey product to. When I received the NYX Wicked Lippie "Betrayal", I couldn't help but notice how similar it was to my Cyber, from MAC. Since fall and winter are fast approaching, I immediately swatched so I can get this dupe alert out just in time for you to swipe your fave off the shelf. 
In terms of packaging, MAC's lipsticks will always be my favorites. They're durable, soft and matte metal. I never feel like the cap isn't secure. I have broken a MAC cap before, but that's because I dropped it and then accidentally stepped on it in combat boots. With the Wicked Lippie, I feel like I could break it if I squeeze too hard with my hands. 

It's bigger than the MAC bullet which makes a difference when you have nothing but pockets or a small clutch. For all that size, however, you get the same amount of product as the MAC one offers. Although not pictured, the NYX lippie comes with a whole list of ingredients plastered on the side in bright white--not too aesthetically pleasing. 
As far as shades go, these two are nearly identically. While Cyber is a deeper and warmer purple, Betrayal is slightly more cool toned. They both have a sheen that looks gorgeous in sunlight, camera flash or the club's strobe light. 

As far as longevity goes, Cyber is decent when you're being low maintenance. However, once you start eating it will bleed a little bit. The Wicked Lippie won't bleed, but will leave a purple ring around your lips. Beware wehn you're kissing! I've learned the hard way that it will leave a huge purple smudge on your kissee. 

The amplified formula/finish of MAC's Cyber makes the lipstick feel strong and thick while Betrayal feels a bit more thin. It all comes down to personal preference here.  

My personal favorite is Cyber. I like the way the formula feels on my lips. It just feels like a good quality and like I can trust it to stick. The thinness of Betrayal makes me feel like it may drag off onto my lips or clothes or anywhere. I know a lot of people who don't like feeling the tackiness or thinkness on their lips, so Betrayal could be a better option. 

Have you tried either? What are your opinions? Comment, comment, comment!
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