How I'm Preparing to Move to London

With a month and half to go, I guess it's time to get serious. 

Before that, though, a quick update. You can now find me over at FreshU writing about the things you NEED to know about college before you step foot onto your campus.  

For most of this school year and summer I have been avoiding the subject of moving to London like most people avoid calories (I was running to those with arms wide open). Since I've recently applied for my Visa, however, I realized that I need to get serious soon or I'll find myself standing at Heathrow, freezing cold, looking like a tourist *shudders*. 

So, here's what I did, step by hesitant step. 

Step 1! 
Figure out what the weather is like in London. I know everyone says it rains 24/7, but that can't possibly be true, right? 

Right! My research has told me it does tend to have sporadic rains, but it's sunny and warm up until September. After that, it begins to chill, but not typically below freezing and very light snow. 

It sounds like good news, but I was born and raised in Southern California. Southern. California. The rumors about London may not be true, but the ones about California certainly are. It's hot no matter what time of year. It's hot when it rains, hails, thunderstorms and I swear it's hot when it snows (which is not very often). I carry this knowledge with me to Step 2.

Step 2!
Shop! The best time to buy winter clothes is summer. I think everyone knows that. Luckily, I happened to walk into H&M when they had an extra 30% off clearance items. I think my eyes became dollar signs for the next hour as I picked out scarves, gloves, and beanies. They were all between 70 cents and 3.50. I walked out with two pairs of gloves, two beanies, three scarves and a sense of accomplishment. 

Luckily, the shopping is not over yet. I still need rainy day essentials, like a rain coat, boots, and an umbrella. I've picked out these for three main reasons: style (duh), sustainability, and price. 

Hunter Boots are the go-to brand for rain boots. They're amazing quality, long lasting and so fashionable for such a necessary piece. Keep an eye out for my full post on my favorite Hunter Boots and eventual decision on which one to purchase--they're all so cute. 

This ASOS raincoat is fun, a look on its own, and very wearable. You can throw it over almost any outfit and it would add something instead of taking away or covering it up. I think I'll do a full rain coat post, too, considering it took me a few searches to decide on featuring this one. 

Both these umbrellas serve the same practical purpose, but very different style goals. The first is a definite statement piece. The shape and translucent plastic instantly draw attention. The best part is that because it's clear, it won't draw attention away from an outfit. 
The second is a very classic black umbrella. I love the traditional aspect along with the fact that it's not distracting and can go with any look. The beauty comes from the inner lining, a print of a bright blue sky and soft clouds. Such an easy and fun way to brighten up a gloomy day. 

Step 3!

Pack! I'll be doing a comprehensive overview of how I pack when it gets closer to that time, but for now my favorite packing tips. 
  • Roll your clothes, instead of folding. This makes it so that the clothes take up less surface area. 
  • Put smaller items inside larger ones. Shoes, boots, and rolled clothes make the perfect storing spaces for makeup, shampoo, and other relatively small items. That way, you aren't taking up extra space. You can even stuff small clothing items in boots and shoes. 
  • Finally, skip packing guidebooks. Almost everything you need to know is on the internet and if it isn't, you can buy one once you've arrived or talk to a local. 

Stay tuned for more of my preparations to move! It's gonna get crazy over here, but I can't wait to begin this journey & share it will y'all. 

Much love! 
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