Is JustFab a Scam?

At the beginning of the summer, I signed up for a VIP Membership with JustFab, the online shoe company that apparently provides you with a personalized selection of shoes each month, for only $39.95. We've all seen the commercials. However, the website does not put an immediate focus towards that, even though it's its entire premise. Instead, it wants you to look and all the clothes and purses it sells, the outfits you can create, and the many other ways you can spend your money on this website. Long story short, for my first purchase I bought a pair of black heeled flat forms for $15 that arrived about half a size too big. I decided to live with it after finding out their "Free Returns on Every Purchase" mantra wasn't true. Ever since then I've "skipped this month" in regards to having $39.95 taken out of my account preemptively. I would NEVER spend $40 on shoes that weren't even close to being designer. That's just...ugh. When I decided it's better to be safe than sorry, I cancelled my account. 

Yet, here I am with $39.95 taken out of my bank account by Just Fab. I did some online research and apparently Zuska of Literally Darling has had a similar experience. After taking her advice and forcing the representative to cancel my account (He kept going on about how I could buy something great with the credit I have), I received an email slightly afterward saying my account has been cancelled. My only worry is that I didn't receive a cancellation confirmation number, like Zuska reported receiving. I pressed the telephone representative for one and he said I would just get an email. This is different compared to a few women's stories on this Anti-JustFab Facebook page. After calling, many of them never received emails.

Many women also reported that JustFab does not do refunds. They won't refund money for broken items, returns or after they take it out of your account with no warning. An honest company would remind buyers to "Skip This Month" before the 6th of each month comes, but JustFab doesn't do that. Instead, I received a "You have a credit!" email right after the money was withdrawn. They are essentially forcing their customer's hands and making us buy products because they already took the money and it's hard press to get it back. But I don't want shoes, I want justice. 

I'm very hopeful that my account has been cancelled. To prevent further unwanted payments to JustFab, I plan on calling my bank to 1) Dispute the money being taken out and 2) Stop all payments (including possible future payments) to the company. If my bank finds it difficult to get my money back, I'm going to dispute it on PayPal, where my card is connected. PayPal is brilliant at getting people's money back, no questions asked. The only problem is that you have to wait for the payment to be paid and not pending to do anything about it within your bank or PayPal. Although this seems kind of ridiculous (Why not stop it before it goes?), I'm doing some deep breathing and will get to it when it's possible. 

Is JustFab a scam? It's hard to say. They have some seriously shady techniques to get customers. The products are not the best. The customer service is *sigh* a handful. But I can't decide where the line between terrible company and scam is crossed. There are thousands of people, I'm sure, who have incredible experiences with them, even people who do cancel their accounts, but does that outweigh the hundreds of voices complaining and losing money? I don't believe so. If anything, it make it seem more secretive that they try to keep the numbers down to prevent any real uproar. Even on this real Class Action Lawsuit against the company, there are people commenting in defense of JustFab, proof that they've created an overly prominent fanbase to hide and discredit those wronged.

I will not be taking my business back to JustFab and I strongly suggest, based on the testimonials of several other women, one who went so far as to file a lawsuit against the company, that you don't order from Just Fab either. 
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