Makeup Haul - Beautycon and Birthday Presents

I was so very lucky to be asked to work with Tattoo Junkee, an awesome brand of glitter body art, luxe tattoos and cosmetics at this years BeautyCon LA. It was amazing. On top of meeting all sorts of amazing people, I also got a couple little freebies that I'm really excited to share with you!

Also, my birthday recently passed and while I'm not sharing all the presents I received, I am going to show you my favorites that my boyfriend got me because they're items that I have been pining for. 
From left to right: Too Faced Flushed Blush, Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara, Crown Brush Duo "C476", Colour Pop Supershock, Tarte Tartelette Palette, Babylips, NYX Wicked Lippie in "Betrayal", NYX Matte Lip Cream in "Copenhagen", Kat Von D Inkliner in "Hemingway" and Makeup Forever Aquaeyes in white. 

It's a long list!

I'm going to quickly run down the specs of the mascara and the brush because I obviously didn't swatch either. I've seen the add campaign for this mascara several times and I was really taken aback. The lashes don't look appealing to me at all, so if I hadn't gotten it at BeautyCon, I probably would have never tried it out. I'm so glad I did, though! When applied lightly it does give volume without being clumpy or coating your lashes. I use it on days where I'm not wearing a lot of makeup and just want to wake my eyes up a little bit. 

The brush is incredibly lovely. This is my very first Crown Brush and it's my understanding that they can get a little pricey. Mine was given to me at BeautyCon, thankfully. It's a flat, fluffy shading brush on one end and a dense, soft pencil brush on the other. It's truly a dynamic duo. I'm obsessed with it.  

I have been craving this palette ever since I saw this tutorial on Youtube. The colors are so gorgeous and rich. They're majority cool toned, but I'm excited to but that to work this winter. The packaging gets an A plus from me. It snaps closed and has that beautiful ombre purple on the front and metallic gold lettering. It's very ironic considering every color in the palette is matte. For the $44, you get a lot of high-quality eyeshadows that are so versatile. The palette is well worth the money. 

All of the colors have decent pigmentation and are very buildable. They all look bright, even on my darker skin tone. 
Swatched here is the blush, both liners, the shadow, NYX matte lip cream and their Wicked Lippie, in that order from right to left. 
The blush comes with three different shades that you can use separately or flushed together. That's what I did for the swatch and it turns into this beautiful, cool toned hot pink. It has a minimal amount of gold flakes, but a serious amount of sheen. When I wear this blush I don't highlight my cheekbones with a powder highlight otherwise it's a little too much for my liking. 
My least favorite part about the MUFE liner is how it applies. It's a little bit chalky and uneven. I hope that if I apply it using a brush, it'll be a bit more opaque. 
I'm actually addicted to the Kat Von D Inkliners. I have to stop myself from buying more every time I walk into Sephora. Luckily, my Sephora has been sold out of the two colors I want: Neruda and Nietzsche. It goes on smooth, dries quickly and lasts forever. Not as long, I will say, as the Benefit They're Real Eyeliners, that are very tempting, especially since they've come out with new colors. I find the Inkliner easier to apply, however, and it doesn't dry out or clump up like the Benefit one. 
Supershock is a gorgeous, metallic eyeshadow by Colour Pop. Their shadows are typically $5, which is amazing for the quality. It's so pigmented and glittery in just one swatch and lasted longer on my arm than all of the Tarte ones. This has a little to do with the fact that the CP shadow is very creamy and soft, whereas the Tarte ones are pressed powders.
I've wanted Copenhagen for a quite a bit of time, simply because two of my best friends have the matte lip cream and I don't like being left out. It's a gorgeous deep burgundy, perfect for fall. The longevity and finish of the NYX lip creams are 100% quality. However, like most, it comes off like crazy when you eat. Small price to pay, though. If you want something that lasts through your food, MAC's Retro Mattes will do the trick. 
As my first NYX lipstick, I'm quite disappointed in the Wicked Lippie. It bleeds, it creases and the packaging feels cheap. For an easy dark color for a small price, it does the trick. I recommend testing out the Ruby Kisses lipsticks, however. I'll talk about it a lot more in a later post where I compare it and MAC's Cyber, in terms of shade. 

That is it for my haul! I promise to keep spending lots of money on makeup in order to share it. 
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