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Living in California has its perks: beaches, culture, diversity. Its only downfall is the intense, persistent, nearly perpetual heat.

Here's an action shot of me persevering through it:
Look at that determination. 

One of the ways I attempt to stay cool is by wearing thinner layers. Cotton is thick and absorbs moisture like crazy, which is probably not the best idea for 100 degree weather. Here, I opted for a satin shirt that's thinner by nature. Its boxy shape leaves room for air to flow and doesn't constrict the body. I bought this top years ago at Forever 21, a running theme in this post. 

Overalls (from that wonderful Forever 21), although thick, are a cute summer staple for spicing up the ol' shirt and shorts routine. I love this printed one for it's bright flowers. It instantly seems fresh and light. If you think light, you'll feel light and if you think cool, your body will still be baking at 102 degrees, but you'll feel cool. 

Even though this is a laid back outfit, I chose to wear pointed toe flats (guess where these were from?) because they I feel they're a nice, more poised, touch. I didn't want to cross the line into the outfit becoming completely bummy like I would if they were flip flops. Instead, it becomes a little bit more put together. 

Since I'm not doing anything major, I just opted for this small, white H&M bag to hold my wallet, keys, and lipstick. It definitely does the trick and brightens up this otherwise black outfit. 

Gotta protect those eyes! If I'm not wearing my actual glasses, I'm most likely wearing sunglasses. I have so many pairs. These classic silver aviators were purchased at Forever 21. 

Thanks for reading! What's something easy you like to throw on? Does anyone else ever find themselves accidentally wearing all one brand? Leave a comment!
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