The Reformation's Newest Clothing Line Is All About Big Boobs

Finally! We women with larger chests have been complaining that clothing companies cater to women with small breasts and ignore us since we were old enough to wear a C cup. It gets annoying. From button ups being too tight and puckering to crop tops that only cover our chests, there seems to be no escape. 

U.S. brand, The Reformation has heard our pleas and backed us up. With the launch of their new line, "For Boobs", as part of their "I'm Up Here" collection. 

All of the items were designed with larger chests in mind, specifically for cup sizes C through DD. I now that's barely touching the surface of big boobs, but it's definitely a start and more of an effort than many brands have made. Even the models have large boobs, as told by the wonderfully casual and inviting model bios, so you can see how it might fit on you. The clothes are those that you may not be able to wear in your true size or wear at all, if you were to purchase from a regular line. There are multiple low necks, tight fits, crop tops and off the shoulder tops. 

Just like the rest of their products, this new line isn't cheap. However, when you take into context that The Reformation makes their clothes as Eco-friendly as possible (check their receipts) and within the United States--which creates jobs here and reduces emissions--it seems like a worthwhile purchase for the quality. If you're like me and a poor, poor young adult wait until you have a special occasion where you need to look perfect head-to-boobs-to-toe and splurge on a gorgeous look. 

Here are some of my faves from "For Boobs": 
You can check out the pieces here, then come back and tell me what your favorites are. Planning to call one of the gorgeous items your own? Leave a comment!

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