5 Easy Upgrades for College Closet Essentials

We're all aware of those necessary clothing items for attending university. Shower shoes, slip on shoes, tennis shoes, collegiate attire, exercise clothes (for being lazy, not for exercising) and those staple dresses for the once-in-a-blue-moon events where university staff or alums are involved. 

But as I polled my incoming freshmen friends, everyone seemed to have the same, boring ideas for what they'd be choosing. For those of us who want to escape the norm and add a bit more fashion to our wardrobe, I've made this list of upgrades. 

1. Flip flops 
It's super important that you get in and out of your dorm as fast as possible sometimes and a lot of stylish shoes don't offer that speed. But to resort to 99 cent flip flops is a crime. Instead purchase a pair of slides, like these gorgeous and cheap ones from Forever 21. The criss-cross leather adds an almost festival vibe and takes your bummy outfit to a different level; somewhere in-between casual and too-cool-to-care. 
Forever 21 $17.90

2. College sweatshirt
One second it's late August and the sun is shining, the next second you're freezing with a closet full of crop tops and kimonos. Best solution is obviously to just grab a sweater from your nearest book store. However, if you want something no one else has, be prepared and get a sweater that represents your school from ol' faithful: Victoria's Secret. 

Every year the brand designs a line of collegiate wear for several different schools across the country. Check to see if your school made the cut (sadly, NYU did not) and then splurge! Each college has a range of clothing options from sweatshirts to tanks. These will especially come in handy when you become a hardcore fan of your school's best sports team. Don't worry. It'll happen. 
PINK. $64.95
3. Classic White Tees/Button Ups
No one understands the importance of a white button up, like I do. At any given time, I have about three in my wardrobe. Yet, as college approaches and my fashion range takes to an entirely new continent, I'm excited to move away from the boring white palette and into something a bit more exciting. 


I've always been a fan of the print, but on button ups and white tees it reduces the classic and gives it a modern spin. Vertical stripes, especially, allow for a streamlined look, especially on button downs. Hortizontal stripes, on the other hand are said to make people look wider. However, with the perfect cut, it'll have a boxy, yet chic look, a la Public School
Romwe $12.83 (sale)

H&M $9.99

3. Sweatpants
I actually can't even fathom why someone would pay so much money for college and then decide to wear sweatsuits to classes. Your professor's opinion of you will be incredibly necessary at one point and I doubt you'd like to be the one he remembers as "Sweatpants Girl". Yoga pants, leggings or any other activewear makes it seem like you don't care about the class, the lesson or the time your professor puts into teaching you. Even joggers exhibit that quality. Just because they're "norm-core" to you, doesn't mean they look any less like sweatpants to your teaches. I digress. 

Instead, comfy alternatives are culottes and palazzo pants. Even the names sound fancy. These comfortable pants can be found in a myriad of styles: some that seem more professional and others that are totally fun. When buying, beware as some cheap quality ones can end up looking like pajama pants and that will produce the opposite effect. My personal favorites are culottes, which may also be referred to as gaucho pants because America. I have about four pairs, mostly in shades of blue and black. I adore them. They'll go with graphic tees or blouses easily depending on my mood and since most of them are simply cotton, they're super comfy, without sacrificing style or respect. 
H&M $15 (sale)

Charlotte Russe $15 (sale)

Anything else you feel your college wardrobe that needs an upgrade? Comment away!
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