Disneyland Paris Adventure 2015

Whenever I think too hard about the fact that I'm no longer at Disneyland Paris, I begin to fall apart. This blog post is half for my brand and half for my emotional well-being. Maybe forty-sixty. Let's just not focus on it. 

I had the most magical time at Disneyland Paris with my very own hero that I just need to post all of these photos on the internet to last forever. 
My first look at Disneyland Paris. This is in front of the gates, in front of the gates, in front of other gates before you finally get into the park! 

What's lovely about this is that the whole thing is that inside that building is all of the queues to buy tickets. We waiting in a remarkably short line in order to get Student Discount tickets! Instead of around $75 USD, we paid $50 USD each for park hoppers. Amazing! Practically a dream come true. 

Right before you get into the queues. 

This gorgeous Christmas tree is right when you enter the park, before Main Street. 

Fake snow! I'm pretty sure it's just rocks, but Disney does not want anyone touching it. 

Us and the tree! It was an awesome day for selfies because it was partly cloudy. Not too much sun, just enough! 

I was so excited in these first moments. I nearly cried upon seeing the tree. 

"Michael, stand in front of the tree." "ok." 

Candid but cute. 

True love's kiss! 

Teaaaaaa cuppssssss. This was technically our first ride. 

Michael thinks he's a photographer. I'm not complaining.


We tried to get the genie to come out, but all we got was a little bit of smoke. Oh well!

This is something we don't have in California. Adventure Isle is an actual island in the middle of Adventureland. You can get lost in caves, climb to peaks and go on adventures. 

Adventure is out there!

"Make a face like the skull." "Ok."

I was so pumped about the Haunted Mansion ride. Here's the Victorian style mansion!

Down Main Street! The Christmas decorations were so lovely. 

I got Mikey to buy me ears (these ears are specific to DLP, I believe. I've never seen them anywhere else!) and a lanyard for all the pins I got at D23! Maybe I'll do a pin haul!!!!!!

Another ride I was crazy excited for! 

We look PISSED. We just didn't know when to expect the camera and I was trying to soak it all in. 

Our favorites. I actually screamed when I saw this after walking out of Space Mountain's gift shop. Just a random homage, but certainly more than Disneyland gives. 

You can barely glimpse my ear, but it's okay because Michael's focused Space Ranger look is everything! I did end up winning though!!

Finally got Mikey a pair of ears. Sad news though: We lost them at the end of the night. 

The only restaurant on my must-eat list was Casey's Corner. Did NOT disappoint. AT ALL. Mikey got a cheese and fried onion hot dog. I got chicken nuggets and we both had fries. 

I was a fool for thinking that all Coke was the same. Fact: Diet Coke is better than Coke, but Coke Light is better than everything else. You can primarily get Coke Light in Europe (but not the UK), so that's basically all I drank all trip. 

This is right inside Walt Disney Studios. It's just a bunch of stores and a restaurants, but the neon lights are gorgeous. 

Toy Story Land! (UGh I can't remember if that's the proper name) We went on RC Racers (after a little bit of apprehension from the mister) and it was amazing. 10/10. 


Rockin' Roller Coaster overwhelmed me to say the least. I wasn't ready for that much awesome. 

Behind me is the Ratatouille area of Walt Disney Studios. It was beautiful and magical. I wish we could have eaten at Chez Remy. 

A random HSM3 poster was up in a store. Had to snap a photo of Troy Bolton. 

This is outside Walt Disney Studios. 

Right inside the main gate at Disneyland! I love DLP's cartoon representations of the classic characters. I wish I got a better photo of them all. 

Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I love it so much because it reminds me of home.

Outside of the main gate. Had to say bye-bye. 

Disneyland Paris was truly a magical experience. I'm so thankful that I got to do it all, especially with someone so amazing by my side. To many more adventures and until next time!

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