Paris Adventure 2015

I've been living in London for nearly four months now and I'm just beginning to feel completely settled in--just in time for me to go back home to California for Christmas holiday. Whether it's my desperate need to procrastinate studying for my finals, but I've really felt like blogging! Lucky you!

Somehow,  I tricked my lovely boyfriend to fly all the way to London from New York City to spend Thanksgiving with me! 
And! I planned a trip for us to go to Paris! Paris and London are so close to each other that it almost blows my mind. You can get to Paris from London in the same amount of time you can get from Los Angeles to San Francisco. 
And! We decided to spend a day at **~~**DISNEYLAND PARIS**~~**
Five days later, I'm still feeling the Disney magic. That's why I'll be doing a whole series of posts on Disneyland Paris (an adventure blog, a haul, and a ride/park review). 

For now, here's a look at our Paris Adventure!
Day One: We spent three hours sitting in Parc Buttes Chamont, reading (Ovid's Metamorphoses and Hangmen by Martin McDonagh). By this point, we were freezing cold. I basically never take that scarf off for the rest of the trip. 

We finally made it to the hotel! Paris has really gorgeous Snapchat geotags, unlike London. 

I took this walking down Gare du Nord, where we went for dinner. Our dinner may or may not have been McDonalds. Judge us not. 

Day Two! This was taken in the Disney Village, not in Disneyland, so I think it counts! For more day two photos, you'll have to wait for the Disneyland Paris Adventure post!

Day Three! Our Uber tour of Paris. 

The End! 

I had the time of my life in Paris with my amazing guy. We plan on having so many more adventures, that I'm excited to share with everyone. Until next time! 
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