Dry Skin Regimine 2016

I always jokingly say I 'peaked' my senior year of high school. As I move cities and school becomes more intense, my body, hair and skin have all changed in slightly different ways and not necessarily for the better. Looking at this photo, makes me long for so many things: senegalese twists, lighter dark circles, and most importantly, moisturized, clear skin. 

When I moved in August, my skin became incredibly oily. I had never experienced having oily skin before, but the new environment, stress and new products most likely caused it. By the time December rolled around, I was managing it with Biore's Charcoal Cleanser and wearing no makeup! I enjoyed letting my skin breathe, especially as it got colder. But the cold, dry air began to dry my skin out and when I went back to California for break, I was in desperate need of some moisture. 

As always, my mother saved the day. She had already had this Olay moisturizer on hand for me to try and it turns out that I love it. It doesn't weigh me down and is perfect for directly after showers. I even wear it to bed to keep my skin feeling breathable through the night. When Walgreens had that amazing buy one, get one free sale on all Shea Moisture, I went out on a limb and bought their Dry Oil. It says that it helps to even skin tone, which I something I'm concerned about, since I get light spots on my face when I'm exposed to too much sun. I can't say that it helped that issue too much, but it does make me feel as though my skin is a bit brighter! Another thing I really like about it is that it goes the extra mile in moisturizing my face. The Olay moisturizer is nice in the moment, but it won't correct my skin troubles. In combination, I'm one step closer to skincare peace. 

Like most things, however, there is a bit of a downside to the Shea Moisture Dry Oil. For the first time ever, in my eighteen beautiful years of life, I got blackheads. I was disgusted with myself. With so much patience, they finally went away.  Now, I spray the dry oil to my fingertips and apply to my forehead first (where my skin is the dryest), then bring the light layers to the rest of my face. No blackheads! I think the overflow of oil caused something crazy and forced blackheads. I'm never making that mistake again! 

Is my skin the same as it was senior year? Hell no! But is it better than before? Yes. And that's all I can ask for right now: to keep getting better. Despite it seemingly like life has only gone downhill since then, I'm reminded of the incredibly adventures, friends, and knowledge I've gained and I think I'll take that over perfect skin. 
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