Greenwich Park/Dublin, Ireland OOTDs!

There's nothing like feeling confident enough to take a good photo. Many times when I'm in a nice outfit, at a nice place, with makeup done, I still won't feel like posing for a photo. The confidence isn't there. But when I look back on the many failed photos from a shoot and I find one diamond in the rough, it makes me feel so much better and encourages me to keep going. 
Confidence is so touch and go--you lose it faster than you gain it. I've surrounded myself with good, kind people in order to help boost it, but even that isn't enough. It has to come from within. For me, taking care of myself by eating right, walking a lot and keeping things around me clean really aids the way I feel. Otherwise, I'll just feel lazy. 
Another helpful tip is a change of scenery. Leaving the house, getting fresh air, and exploring somewhere new is vital to feeling confident. An adventure with your friends is always exciting!
This week, I took off to a little suburb outside of London called Greenwich. I had been here before, briefly, to have afternoon tea, but I had never explored the park and museums like I had this Wednesday. 
I have to be honest, I hadn't done my laundry for the week yet, so everything you see is the product of what was left in my wardrobe. I felt good in this outfit, however. I love this grey turtleneck top from Forever 21. It's my go-to for layering or when I need something basic. These plain black culottes (also from Forever 21) were comfy and fun. My cropped leather jacket from H&M looked good with the outfit, but didn't do much during the ten minutes of hail Greenwich got while we were there. Luckily, I had my red umbrella, which I thought added a nice pop of color to an otherwise bland look. 

I spent Day One of Dublin dressed like this. I was cold, I was wet, but I'll be damned if I wasn't cute. I actually traded a red turtleneck for this black and white striped shirt with a friend of mine, just for the trip. It has a really nice boat neck to add some interest and the fabric is wonderfully soft. I wore plain blue jeans, cuffed and my powder blue coat, both from  Forever 21. This coat has a really great shape to it, almost like a tailored blazer, that this photo simply doesn't give justice to. I adore the color. It's still quite cold in the UK, so the pastel blue relieves the outfit from being dark and heavy--fit for spring!

Last day of Dublin (we only spent two days), I recycled the coat, the boots and the purse. Underneath is a midi top, with a mock turtleneck and a vertical knit texture. The jeans (identical to the previous) are from H&M. A quick rave about them: I'm not the type of girl to spend a lot of money on jeans. I'm not sure why. I always opt for the $10 pairs from F21 or H&M and spend that money elsewhere (read: Chipotle). Because of this, I'm aware that these jeans don't last as long as proper ones do. Yet, I've had both of these pairs for seven months and there's no fading or shrinking. They fit like they're brand new and they look it, too. Although, I'm starting to understand the appeal of expensive jeans, I'll never stop loving these. Another way I lighten my outfits for spring is to include lots of white. The clean, bright color makes me feel like a cloud!

What have we learned? When packing for short trips, there's no shame in reusing coats, shoes and more. Different areas of interest and shapes allow each outfit to stand out on its own. If the weather hasn't gotten the message that it's spring now, pulling out your light colored items will make you feel sunny. 

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