Spring Break OOTDs!

I am back in London after an amazing week on the mainland, visiting Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin! I could only have a carry-on and we were doing quite a bit of walking, so my duffle bag was quite small. I ended up bringing a lot of dresses to layer with and switch up for the entire trip. I've only managed to photograph a couple of outfits and not many duplicates, but I'll go over different options. The weather was unpredictable, especially in Amsterdam and Berlin. We would cross a sunny street and end up soaked on the other side. Not to mention, it was almost always overcast with terrible lighting. I long for the days when I can walk around with a full crew: hair, makeup, photog, and lighting.

Let's begin!

First full day in Paris! This was taken outside Sacre-Coeur, which is a must see! The long line is worth the beautiful chapel and free entry if you're a student! Coat and jeans are Forever 21, turtleneck and boots are Primark and the bag is New Look! I only brought one of each of these items. 
Outside Notre Dame! Though you can't tell, this is actually a sweatshirt dress with zip up sides from Primark. Underneath are basic black leggings, one of three pairs I brought with me! I wore white Converse on my feet, but my photographer missed them on accident!

No pictures were taken in Amsterdam, unfortunately, so this is a fast forward to Berlin! I'm wearing a long sleeved gray a-line dress that the wind got a hold onto. My plan was to wear it plain one day and...

...with a scarf another day, but I just combined it into one day! Scarf is H&M and dress is Forever 21.

At the Berlin Wall on my very last day in Berlin. Gray tights from Forever 21 and this navy blue striped dress from Primark. 
The dress has a lace up front, but I tied it shut to prevent the cold air from getting where it shouldn't be. In the summer, however...

You'll notice that I wore dresses for the majority of this trip! That's for two reasons, really. One: I hate feeling over-layered. I didn't want to become too hot while we walked around. Two: Dresses and leggings are what I feel most comfortable in, especially t-shirt dresses which hide my "problem" stomach area. It only helps that they're easy to pack and layer! I brought a light sweater, which I have literally no photos of despite me wearing it two times this trip. I wore it once with the jeans and once over a t-shirt dress. It's so easy to just throw something like that over and stay warm with a completely different outfit. 

I hope you enjoyed this post on both packing light and what I wore to travel Europe! Tell me about your spring break, how you pack and if you enjoyed this below!

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