Brand New! Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Launching tomorrow from Benefit, reigning champion of brow products is the Good Proof Brow Pencil. Let's discuss!

As far as packaging goes, this product gets a 10/10 for me. It's beautiful, metallic, strong plastic and light-weight. Some of the other products in this launch got very bulky, almost hindering packaging, but this one works well with the product.  I am concerned that the text will eventually rub off of the plastic. 

  On the larger side is a long tube where the product comes out with an easy twist. Think Anastasia Brow Definer. The spoolie on the other end is adequate in length, I personally dislike super long spoolies. The caps snap on and off easily. 

 The product itself applies very smoothly to the brow. Instead of clumping onto each hair or filling in too deep, it accentuates the brow and make it look thicker. It rivals the realism of the Anastasia Dipbrow. As a proud dipbrow owner and lover, I may be falling brows over heels for this product. It's much easier to carry around and doesn't require another brush. And one less brush means one less thing for me to clean. Because of the product's angle, I can fill in the thicker part of my brow and immediately shape the point. 

Thick and lush, the spoolie doesn't poke or prod, but perfect blends the product with your natural brow.

All in all? The Goof Proof Brow Pencil is awesome for those of us with sparse brows and definitely worth your coins. Benefit, you did it again! 

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