Casual--Not Complacent

Top: Custom Shorts: Charlotte Russe Shoes: WetSeal Bag: Michael Kors Glasses: Street Vendor

My life looks nothing like the popular page on Instagram. I primarily check in at work or my boyfriend's house, neither of which require anything more than shorts and a T-shirt. But where is the fashion in that? More importantly, where's the personality in that? I'm making it a point to care more about the little outfits. Every look should be well-rounded, fun and say something about me.  

This one is a little obvious. I dug out a custom made Belize Jersey that depicts the Belizean flag and uses its colors. My dad must have had it made in the 90s and then promptly forgot about it. How vintage of me. 

The gold jewelry brings me back to the thick gold chains and rings my Belizean uncles would wear. They also spice up and otherwise boring look. I never took my sunglasses off that perfect perch on my head, despite the fact that it was pretty sunny. 

This outfit isn't anything that special nor is it worthy to walk a red carpet, but it represents a huge part of who I am. And I look hella cute. 

Do you find yourself sacrificing fashion for casual looks? Sound off! 
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