I'm Having Too Much Fun

I hate the suburbs. With a passion. Every second that I'm not in London or New York, I can feel myself deteriorating. Where's the originality of a suburb? What makes it authentic? 

Except I'm beginning to change my tune. 

Before you get excited (or plot my excution), I'll clarify. 

The subtly of a suburb feels like exactly what I needed. It underscores the real action--lives. A city's essence can be a bit overwhelming. I've heard my New York friends discussing the "New York Attitude" several times since being back. Here, there's no persona but your own. 

I've used that opportunity, as previously mentioned, to say more about who I am through my clothes. 

And I think I'm pretty fun. The light weight lace and thin fringe are so easy. I feel like I'm cheating fashion. These cute cap sleeves are classic and refined. Downstairs, burnt orange is an atypical summer color, but the warmth soaks up the bright white. The off white sandals help out on that front while the black lining and block heel keep it from becoming too Kennedy. To tie it all together, a brown snake skin Michael Kors keeps the look neutral and soft. 
With every sharp movement, my culottes sway or my fringe whips. I love that action. And a cute pop of a heel is even more exciting. It's the little things. 

Put together, but also a riot. That's what I want to portray today. Unafraid, but prepared. Who have you been lately?


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