New Makeup Faves (Or That Time I Scammed Ulta)

It's so easy to fall into old ways. I didn't buy any high-end makeup during the school year--partly because of London's high prices and partly because I couldn't store a lot of makeup in my small flat. 
Now I can't help but spend! 
The best part is, though, I only paid three dollars for the Tartelette palette, Anastasia Dipbrow, and Butter London nail polish. I racked up about 600 points on my Ulta Rewards account due to aforementioned overspending. That's $20 to use towards anything in the store. I tried to purchase the Tartelette palette online using those points, but the order did not go through and Ulta took away my 600 points. I waited. This was not the first time this had happened and after fo-fuming at Customer Service, the points came back within a week. This time, however, they didn't for almost two. So I called. The representative was so nice and accommodating. She arranged for my points to be returned within two days. Two days later, I check my account and there is 1200 points waiting to be used. I thought "How nice of Ulta to double my points after all the trouble they put me through!" 
I immediately went online and bought the three products using my points, a Butter London sale, and an extra $10 off for referring a friend. Definition of a steal. 
Shortly after, I checked my account and found that I had NEGATIVE six hundred points. Ulta must have recognized their mistake and took points away from me. I'll have to spend quite a bit of money to get out of that hole, but it seems worth it right now. 
At one point, I thought about calling and requesting to be brought back to zero because it was their mistake and they had already put me through so much inconvenience. The Ulta website and previous customer service representatives I had dealt with on the phone and over email fell very short of helpful. But I was tired of corresponding with them and I had already reaped benefits. I shouldn't push my luck. 
How am I liking my products? 
The Anastasia DipBrow is like no other brow product I've ever used! It makes the hairs look so fine, yet supple. I bought the color Ash Brown, which I thought would be perfect on me. Other browns tend to be too chocolate or too black. It's actually a bit too ashy, which was quite disappointing. However, I use the Essence Make Me Brow which is an exact dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow, overtop and it comes out perfect. Make Me Brow (just like Gimme Brow) has the perfect ashy coloring for my brows. Together, I think I've found eyebrow peace! (Random question: How do you pronounce Anastasia? Ana-STA-sia or Ana-STAY-zuh?)

I've had and held highly the original Tartelette palette for just about a year now. After using it almost daily as brow powder, the black crumbled and made a mess of the entire thing. It's quite a shame, considering how much I loved the smoky purples and cool browns. My only concern with the entire thing was how blendable the shadows were. If using an especially strong eye primer (I typically use Urban Decay's Primer Potion), the shadow would literally stop where it was placed and refuse to blend out. It's not like that with Tartelette In Bloom. This new version moves like butter. It blends to perfection without losing that great pigmentation. The colors are so warm and the glitter is perfectly sparkling--not too clunky. This is the perfect summer palette. 

Honestly, I was underwhelmed by this $15 nail polish, Cotton Buds. I'm a big fan of white nails. I only wear black, white or gray nails if I can help it and in the summer, white is my go-to. The brush bristles are so thick that they tangle within themselves and paint in misshapen lines and consistencies. Then, the dense polish dries at different levels, making the polish look uneven and chunky. One thing I can say, is that it lasts very long! I kept the polish on out of pure spite because I didn't want to waste expensive products and I was surprised that the thick layer wasn't peeling off. I will be giving it another chance soon and hopefully it won't completely suck! 

My association with this Inglot Sparkling Dust (for face, eyes, and body) is classic romantic comedy. Friend introduces girl to highlighter, girl falls in love, highlighter makes her look and feel amazing, she gets tons of compliments and a credit card swipe later, it's happily ever after. At $16, this highlighter reaches the very tip top of my list of favorite makeup products for price. It has an amazing wet look when applied sparingly and a glittery glisten when you go a little wild. I have it in the color 03, which is a bright gold. Here's a relatively decent photo of me wearing it. Please ignore my secondary love interest in the background, this movie is about my relationship with the highlight. 
Barely perceptible eyeliner: Kat Von D Inkliner in Hemingway
Lastly, an EOS lip balm. I grabbed this while needing two more dollars to fulfill a coupon requirement along with two skincare products. I stepped away from using EOS because of sheer cost-to-effectiveness ratios. In the UK, Nivea is much cheaper and highly effective. Now that it's summer and my skin has fully adjusted to the beautiful California heat, I'm using this lovely coconut milk EOS on lipstick-free days! 

Are there any makeup products that are making your summer? Ever accidentally scammed a company? Let me know!
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