What It Feels Like

Bathing suit: Forever 21 (similar) Top: Forever 21 Jeans: Pull and Bear Shoes: H&M Sunglasses: Berlin Street Vendor

Ah, back before the heat didn't burn your jeans off as soon as you step outside. That's a little bit of heat wave humor for you. I've gotten quite good at it these past few days California decided to see what hell feels like. 

Even though the weather wasn't murderous then, I was heading to lounge in and out of my boyfriend's pool. We grabbed lunch first, I recall, so I thought putting on something mildly appropriate was necessary. Emphasis on mildly. Around my bright coral one piece is a pink, gray and white striped button down. It covered my slight cleavage and made me feel like a superhero which is so clearly an apt situation. 

Black, faded jeans were made black and faded by Pull and Bear, a European brand that I fell in love with way too late into my stay on that side of the Atlantic. Alas, these are the only item I own from them. The waist is the perfect height for me. It makes my torso look long and still covers my unfortunate lower belly. The jeans are so strong yet comfy that they single-leggedly changed my opinions on jeans. 

It was a warm summer day in Los Angeles suburb, Valencia, when I fell in love with these 3 inch heels from H&M. A shocking $10, it was love at first try on. The thin straps somehow scream summer to me, especially because the flower is black which is so much less overtly tropical. They make me feel like Carrie Bradshaw, end of story. 
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