Top: H&M (similar) Bottoms: Guess (Vintage) Sandals: WetSeal Purse: H&M (similar)

So, I stole my mom's button down shirt. It was lonely, sitting amongst a sea of tea length dresses and boat neck tops. I was roasting by mid-day and needed something airy, thin and that could cover my tummy in these low waist Guess shorts. This button down was a breath of fresh air. 

It turns out, however, that my hidden shoulders were terribly unhappy being forced into fabric and my neck suffered at the touch of a forward-point collar. With the undoing of a few buttons, I was suddenly set free and in the presence of what seemed like a brand new shirt. 

Bracelet: H&M (similar) Ring: Pandora

Pressed to find the perfect necklace for my miracle neckline, I opted for a chain bracelet and my everyday Pandora ring. Gold, silver, it doesn't matter. Today we're breaking all the rules. 

On my feet? Metallic gold flip flops from Wet Seal. 

I wore this outfit to none other than my local polling place on June 7th to vote in the California Primary. I hope the poll workers understood that I was a rule-breaking, Bernie-voting, mini-millennial because that's all I see when I review these photos. That and silky caramel melanin. 
*cue outro music*

Where else in your wardrobe do you find yourself breaking rules?
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