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Tops: Forever 21 & Forever 21 Bottoms: Forever 21 Socks: Ivy Park Shoes: Nike Roshe Bag: Forever 21 Sunglasses: Berlin Street Vendor
These photos cause me to have RuPaul's Drag Race flashbacks. Instead of being the curvy, almost-fit girl I used to know myself to be, I see what can only be described as a hog body. And it's totally cool, I can say that when it's about myself. I gained my freshman fifteen and I own up to that. A bad mixture of alcohol, stress-eating, not knowing how to cook for myself and a hatred of exercise got me here. I'm living with that. 

While I'm not entirely satisfied with my behavior, nor would I recommend it, I don't feel like I need to hide myself or do anything different than before when it comes to fashion. I frequently discuss on this blog how I like to hide my problem areas for comfort's sake. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. It doesn't come from a place of negativity at all. And there are also days when I don't mind baring a little bit of stomach. Like this one right here. 

Layering is what takes an outfit from pedestrian to street style. Heavy or intricate layers may not be fit for your everyday affairs, but small choices like this Forever 21 racerback crop top under a spaghetti strap one, elevates the colorblocking and juxtaposition of the look. If we were to switch the two, the thin straps poking out would be too reminiscent of  rogue bra straps and not quite there in terms of color blocking. 

These grey tailored capris oppose the more athletic aspects of this look in the best way. It doesn't allow the outfit to look like you just ran a 5k, but that you did this on purpose. However, because this is a sporty look first and foremost, athletic socks like this Ivy Park pair and your favorite (read: only) pair of sneakers show that you mean business. And that the concept of a gym isn't totally lost on you. 

So, while I'm working on being my best me, I'll never censor myself, apologize or try to make up for what I feel I'm lacking. This is just who I am right now and that will always, always be well-clothed. 
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